Where are SunPower solar modules made

Solar modules

particularly useful when a high yield is to be achieved on a small area. Another advantage is the fairly uniform appearance, which is highly valued by many users. In contrast to certain thin-film or dye cells, crystalline solar cells are made of silicon. In order to produce a high quality, technically flawless product, the manufacturing process is often time-consuming and complicated. This is also reflected in the price, because they are usually significantly more expensive than photovoltaic modules, but in return they provide more energy. Flexible solar modules are bendable and can therefore even be glued to rounded surfaces, for example on a mobile home. As the name suggests, they are flexible and can also be used in unusual places. With us you will find future-oriented models with different rated outputs, all of which have been subjected to strict quality control. All of our modules work with extremely powerful solar cells that guarantee a very high level of efficiency. So far unused areas, for example on vehicles, skylights or side walls, can be practically equipped with a flexible solar module.
On the other hand, high-performance modules are ideally suited as the most efficient solution for high-yield yet environmentally friendly power generation. Equipped with particularly powerful cells, they enable an enormous energy yield even in winter and are ideally suited for all applications around the island system. They can also be attached to the roof or motorhome in next to no time. Regardless of whether the light irradiation and temperature are very high or rather low - high-performance modules do their job optimally at any time of the year.

Areas of application for solar systems and solar modules

The possible areas of application are just as multifaceted as our offer. Whether mobile or at home - with us you will find exactly the modules that meet your requirements. One possibility is, for example, use on the mobile home, in the garden and on the garden or weekend house, when camping or on the pasture fence. Whenever electricity is scarce or completely inaccessible, our modules provide a quick and reliable remedy. A network-independent, self-sufficient island system can also be implemented without any problems, so that an efficient power supply can be guaranteed even in the most remote locations. Even use at sea is quite possible with the flexible, water-resistant marine modules.