Do you like to wear bralettes?

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Bralettes in everyday life

The truth is, like so many other trends, wearing an underwire bra is simply not for every woman. It is the same with some items of clothing, they look beautiful on the hanger and you just want to own this item, sometimes against all common sense. And sure, we all buy such parts far too often only to then realize at home that the quiet hope is not so quiet for nothing. Because the loud doubt is usually right in such cases.

What I'm saying: I'd really like to wear bralettes, but in the thirty years of my life there has been a bit of sanity about underwear. A bra without an underwire doesn't work for me. Point.

End of the story of Julie and the Bralettes. Or?

Last summer came the camisoles, cute little shirts that you might expect to find in the nightwear department. Suddenly they became suitable for everyday use. They were finally allowed to go out into the world over shirts or blouses, or simply as a top for the brave, and no longer had to be just nightgowns. Which was good, because the cute tops adorned with lace at the neckline are actually too good not to be seen. And because it is in fashion as in other art movements, one must always go one step further. So come on with the increase and show your underwear! Suddenly Pinterest is full of bralettes that not only peek out from under oversize blouses, suddenly bralettes dominate the whole outfit. With high waist jeans in a sporty style, under a serious, naturally open blazer, over a shirt or under an unbuttoned blouse with lots of layers of delicate chains over it.

And suddenly, these pretty lace pieces are no longer only found in the lingerie department, suddenly they are hanging there between all the new tops for the summer. Suddenly you should take bralettes seriously and incorporate them into your daily fashion game.