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New England

The New England region is considered the birthplace of America. Here one encounters rich history, cultural events, fascinating cities, picturesque villages and adventures in the great outdoors at every turn.

In the six New England states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont in the extreme northeast of the USA, you can feel America's rich past and the proximity of America to the Old World. Villages with white wooden churches, the wild and romantic Atlantic coast with its harbor towns and white sandy beaches, wooded mountain ranges and rocky mountains, over which the famous Appalachian Trail leads, lakes and rivers, charming big city flair in Boston and of course the Indian Summer, which for a splendid rush of colors in the endless forests - they are all examples of New England.

Typical places to stay in New England can be found in Bed & Breakfasts and historic inns, regional specialties such as Lobster, clam soup and maple syrup ensure culinary delights. It doesn't matter whether it's city trips through vibrant metropolises in spring, holidays on beautiful sandy beaches in summer, hikes through the colorful foliage to the Indian summer or snow adventures in winter - the six New England states are worth a trip all year round.

Fresh lobster, clam soup and maple syrup are the gastronomic flagships of this region, where great emphasis is placed on good food made with local products. If you are looking for interesting and varied activities, you will surely find the right thing here in the historic heart of the USA to experience an unforgettable time.

The lively metropolis is the starting point for a tour through diverse New England Boston at. From here you can explore the Atlantic coast, studded with lighthouses, with its harbor towns and white sandy beaches. The interior impresses with its wooded mountain ranges, lakes and rivers and develops its full splendor especially in autumn - in the famous Indian Summer. But culinary delicacies such as lobster, clam soup and maple syrup also represent New England. Typical overnight accommodations are found in bed and breakfasts and historic inns, which are often furnished with antique furniture in an old English style.

One of the longest hiking trails in the world is the Appalachian Trail, which leads from the summit of Mount Katahdin in Maine over a total of 3,490 kilometers through a total of 14 US federal states, including five of the six New England states. Holidaymakers can hike individual sections of the trail with different levels of difficulty. The route through the White Mountains in New Hampshire is more suitable for experienced hikers. And although the “100 Miles Wilderness” in Maine is also suitable for beginners, many stages of the trail in the northernmost of the US states are among the most difficult of all.


Urban life in New England
The state of Connecticut is located in the northeastern United States and is part of the New England region. The top attractions include Yale University with numerous museums that ... more +

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Forests, wilderness, coast
Maine is one of the most sparsely populated states in the United States and larger than all other New England states combined. Its northern foothills, known as "The Great North ... more +

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Mountain landscapes, lakes, rivers, coast
The state of Massachusetts is located in the northeast of the United States. Because of its three large bays that characterize the coast, the state is also called "Bay State". Magnificent ... more +

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Rhode Island

The smallest state in the United States
Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States. The state in the northeast of the USA impresses with a diverse mixture of historical charm from the English pilgrim fathers of the ... more +

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Fascinating wildlife in the northeastern United States

New England is every nature lover's dream. The northeastern United States has vast expanses of untouched nature, including dense forests, rugged mountains, raging rivers, and the restless Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to its national forests, the ocean and hundreds of state parks, New England is a unique habitat for wildlife.

The marine reserve at the very tip of Cape Cod Stellwagen Bank is known for whale watching. Most of the ports along the Rhode Island to Maine coast cater May through October Whale watching tours where you can see fin whales, pilot whales, minke whales, porpoises and dolphins as well as the spectacular humpback whales that shoot out of the water just for fun. Whale experts on board the ships provide information to visitors during the tours. The only thing to bring is sunscreen, sunglasses, a camera and warm clothes. Because even on the hottest days it can get quite cool at sea.

No wild animal is as fascinating on land as this one Moose. The largest member of the deer family prefers to roam the areas of northern New England that include Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Moose can sometimes be difficult to spot among the thick trees, but in summer they are often found in ponds near the road. An observation tour with a connoisseur is highly recommended, during which you follow the footsteps of the gentle giants who are up to two meters high at the shoulder. There are also raccoons, deer and many other animals to see.

Then of course there are also numerous Bird species. New England is the breeding ground for 50 species of land birds, of which the bald eagle is certainly the most impressive. This species, unique in North America, has been the American heraldic animal since 1782. The bald eagles like to winter in southern New England, where they can be seen on special eagle boat tours on the Connecticut River or in the updraft high above Baxter State Park in Maine with the impressive Mount Katahdin in the background. Rescued eagles and hawks can also be visited in Vermont at the VINS Nature Center, New England's premier wild bird rehab clinic.

Never one before Loons belongs? Its eerie and haunting scream echoes over calm waters, especially at sunrise, sunset and at night. If you hear a harsh laugh near a lake, the chances are good that it is one of the black and white loons. The best places to hear them are around the New Hampshire and Maine Lakes. But there are more birds to be seen. Wild turkeys, puffins, hummingbirds, jays and red cardinals are taken for granted by New Englanders, but are almost exotic to Europeans. And the robin, too, with the size of a blackbird and its bright red breast, looks a little different from our native robin.

The New England coast is dotted with islands, home to sleepy people seals and colonies of puffins, which with their funny looks are a little reminiscent of clowns. In Chatham, Massachusetts, a town with a picturesque harbor and beautiful beaches, you should definitely take a boat trip to Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge where you can see numerous seals.

Whether you prefer mountains, lakes or the sea, New England has one amazing variety of wildlife. So instead of taking a trip to the zoo, book New England for your next “wild” vacation.

Unforgettable New England Rail Travel: Full Steam Ahead

Not so long ago, taking a train was one of the most luxurious forms of travel. Even today, rail travel offers the advantage of comfortably and calmly enjoying the landscapes passing by in front of the window. There are a number of special and historic trains in beautiful New England, where passengers can sit back and relax to the rhythm of the wheels gliding over the rails and admire the beautiful nature of the northeastern United States.

The Vermonter - on the trail of New England's literary legends:
Every day, the "Vermonter" takes literature lovers on a journey through four states (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont) in the heart of New England. The starting point is New Haven for a visit to the art museums and Yale University, before continuing north of Hartford to visit the Mark Twain House & Museum and the Harriet Beecher Stowe House and immerse yourself in the lives of these two legendary American authors. Highlights on the route include Springfield, Amherst with the home of world-famous poet Emily Dickinson, and St. Albans with its breathtaking landscapes and state parks. Vermonter can be reached from Boston on the North East Regional Line. (www.amtrak.com/vermonter-train)

Downeaster - Experience New England's Dramatic Coast:
If you would like to explore New England's spectacular coastal region by train, the Downeaster the state railroad company Amtrak the perfect opportunity. With the "Downeaster" you can combine the sights in Boston with an unforgettable journey along New England's breathtaking coastline in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. This train runs several times a day from North Station in Boston to Portland in Maine and back again, with the option of continuing from Portland to Freeport, known for its outlet malls, or to the beautiful university town of Brunswick. First, you should visit the historic sites of the Freedom Trail in Boston before you can enjoy beautiful views of rocky beaches and impressive lighthouses on the drive north. Portland is particularly recommended as a stopover for its gastronomic culture and lobster boat trips. Other highlights include Dover (a short coastal bus ride takes visitors to the cobblestone streets of Portsmouth) and Wells (a short hop from the sandy beaches of Kennebunkport on the Shoreline Trolley Explorer). (www.amtrakdowneaster.com)

Northeast Regional Mansions and Ivy League History:
The Northeast Regional brings Boston visitors daily to the castle-like mansions, Ivy League universities, and the maritime heritage of Rhode Island and Connecticut. Along the way, visit Providence, the capital of the smallest US state, Rhode Island and home to Brown University, with an abundance of museums (like the Rhode Island School of Design) and a rapidly growing foodie scene. From here there is a bus service to the famous Newport mansions, which were built in the late 19th century. Other stops include Westerly, the ideal base for exploring beaches and lighthouses, New Haven, home of the world-famous Yale University, and Mystic with its picturesque harbor and maritime museums. (www.amtrakdowneaster.com)

The restored 1940s and 1950s trains run from Brunswick in the summer months Maine Eastern Railroad to Rockland and back again. During this beautiful day tour, passengers experience the spectacular coastal landscape of Maine with its picturesque villages and impressive sailing boats (www.maineeasternrailroad.com)

Additional Amtrak trains travel south from Boston through Rhode Island to the very attractive colonial city of Providence, to Westerly, a beach town with renowned hotels, and to Mystic in the state of Connecticut, where a marine museum and an aquarium can be visited. (www.amtrak.com)

Treats for gourmets: Good taste is at home in New England

Visitors to New England get their money's worth not only historically, but also from a culinary point of view. The states in the north-east of the USA, also known as the “cradle of the United States” in allusion to the founding fathers, have developed into a classic gourmet destination in North America. Many of the regional specialties in the various states have a long tradition and turn a trip into a delicious holiday treat. Whether fish, seafood, wine, cheese, maple syrup or pumpkin - in New England there are great taste adventures for connoisseurs thanks to high-quality food. Varied gourmet tours are just one of many ways to discover the breadth of New England's excellent cuisine on a trip.

Lighthouses in New England

Mostly large and white, sometimes with red stripes, sometimes made of stone, sometimes small. Many of them can be visited, in some you can stay overnight. Some are in inaccessible places, others are majestically enthroned and visible for miles on the steep coast. All of them are a symbol of the maritime character of the region. We're talking about the 150+ lighthouses in the six New England states in the northeastern United States. Over 70 of them are in Maine alone. All year round, fascinating lighthouses are waiting to be explored in all six New England states.

The Shaker religious group in New England

If you want to delve deeper into American history as a visitor to New England, you will inevitably come across the Christian Free Church of the Shaker, whose members settled here in the 18th century. The name of their community is derived from their ritual and ecstatic dances during the service. With principles such as diligence, gender and racial equality, community ownership, pacifism and celibacy, they became one of the most economically successful groups in the country, but the principle of a religion without marriage, sexuality and procreation ultimately led to the fact that there are hardly any members of this unique religious community today .

The dream of a simple life

In no way averse to technical progress and open to modern times, the Shakers were ingenious inventors and designers. In the arts, science, architecture, crafts, economics, music, education, medicine, agriculture, and commerce, they made important contributions to American culture. The pursuit of the highest quality craftsmanship was and is for them the basic requirement for a godly and joyful life. Nowadays, in addition to clothing and everyday objects from our own production, the architecture and the characteristic wooden furniture of the Shaker, which are characterized by clear shapes and high functionality, are known around the world. In line with the belief that “an object is inherently beautiful if it fulfills its purpose”, the timeless Shaker Style dispenses with unnecessary decorations and ornamentation and shows parallels to the English Arts and Crafts movement.

Three Shaker villages in New England are ideal for gaining an insight into this extraordinary world:

  • The Canterbury Shaker Village in New Hampshire is one of the oldest fully preserved Shaker villages.
    The only intact meeting house of the first Shaker generation from 1792 and a residential building from 1793 are located here.

    Visitors can tour the historic buildings and stroll in the gardens. (www.shakers.org)

  • The Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, Massachusetts was founded in the 1780s and also called the City of Peace by its residents. By the 1830s the community grew to 300 believers who built meetinghouses, barns, workshops and a farm on their land.
    The one built in 1826 was at the center of the world of work Round stone barn, a very productive dairy.

    A total of 18 historical buildings can still be visited today. The Hancock Shaker Village also has a first-class collection of original furniture, art, objects, tools, textiles and other artifacts. (hancockshakervillage.org)

  • The last active shaker community worldwide is on Sabbathday Lake in the state of Maine. Brother Arnold leads interested people through the large house where 70 Shakers once lived in 50 rooms. In addition, visitors can tour five other buildings and the gardens, and gain exciting insights into over 200 years of Shaker history. In the village shop you can buy typical handicrafts, herbs and teas and traditional gifts. (www.maineshakers.com)

Travel educates - especially in New England

A visit to the best colleges and universities in the United States: The six New England states are the historic heart and birthplace of America. A testament to New England's long history are its world-famous colleges and universities, which travelers from all over the world enjoy visiting. With Harvard, Yale, Brown and Dartmouth, four of a total of eight Ivy League colleges call New England their home, and provide entertainment for visitors with entertaining campus tours and university art museums.Also worthwhile detours during a tour through New England are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

Unique New England Accommodation

Spend the night in a former church? Or high up in a lighthouse? In New England, even sleeping is an experience. Aside from the many wonderful hotels and bed and breakfasts that New England has to offer, the states in the northeast of the USA also have extraordinary and unique opportunities to spend the night.

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