What is iterative

iterative (German)

Part of speech: adjective

positive iterative, Comparative , Superlative
ite | ra | tiv, No increase
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˌIteʀaˈtiːf]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Mathematics, computer science: gradually approaching the solution
2) Linguistics, especially semantics: Property of a class of verbs that designate a repetitive phenomenon
3) Linguistics, especially word formation: Property of words that consist of repetitive elements
Origin of the term:
from Latiniterativus, see also "iterate"
Related terms:
1) gradually
Opposite words:
1) recursive
Application examples:
1) The problem can only be iterative to solve.
2) Verbs with a iterative Aspect of meaning in German would be “ailing”, “poking”, “dancing”.
3) "He differentiates between the following semantic functions:"iterative Function «(especially with onomatopoeia), ... and» intensive-iterative Function" (…)."
Typical word combinations:
1) algorithm
Word formations:
1) iteration
1) Iterative, iterative formation


  • English: 1) iterative
  • French: 1) iterative
  • Greek (new): 2) επαναλαμβανόμενος (epanalamvanómenos)
  • Italian: iterativo
  • Swedish: iterative
  • Czech: 1) iterační

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

Consol Consulting has published a guide with ten steps to digital transformation. One is recommended iterative Approach.
Computer Week, October 25, 2018

He then specified his statement and said that the iterative Console upgrades, i.e. the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X, would have broken the traditional console cycle.
4Players, November 22, 2018

Because: The greatest success is achieved when the digital transformation takes place as a holistic, iterative Process is understood that is continuously evaluated and adapted - as a wheel that turns dynamically.
t3n, October 08, 2018

Through our iterative Right from the start, it was important for us to have our Economics unit under control and to focus very strongly.
German startups, April 14, 2021

The usage examples were selected automatically and may therefore contain errors.

Grammar / Declinations

Inflection iterative - The declension of the adjective iterative

definite article
Masculinethe iterativeof the iterativethe iterativethe iterative
Femininethe iterativethe iterativethe iterativethe iterative
neuterthe iterativeof the iterativethe iterativethe iterative
Pluralthe iterativethe iterativethe iterativethe iterative
indefinite article
Masculinean iterative onean iterativean iterativean iterative
Femininean iterativean iterativean iterativean iterative
neuteran iterativean iterativean iterativean iterative
without article

Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • repeating (continuously)
  • endlessly repeating
  • constantly repeating
  • like a prayer wheel: mostly derogatory: always repeating in the same way endlessly
  • sounding the same
  • resembling
  • always recurring
  • in unending consonance
  • in never-ending stereotype
  • mantra-like (coll.)
  • monotonous: monotonous, monotonous, boring; Mathematics, of functions or sequences of numbers: constantly increasing or constantly decreasing
  • never-ending
  • ostinato (music) (ital.)
  • penetrating: incessantly disturbing; intrusive, annoying; pejorative: (excessively) pervasive; very strong and uncomfortable
  • recurrent
  • repetitive: repetitive
  • constantly: always during, or at least over a long period of time; repetitive, uninterrupted
  • incessantly: not releasing, without interruption
  • incessantly: without interruptions and never foreshadowing an end
  • repeating (itself) periodically
  • repeating
  • cyclical: regularly recurring, repetitive; circular, circular; a series of thematically related works of art; In technical terms, cyclical compounds: organic molecules with atoms arranged in a circle

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chodit: chodit (Czech) Part of speech: Verb, intransitive Note: Iterative form of the verb jít Hyphenation: cho | dit Pronunciation / Stress: IPA: [ˈxɔɟɪt]…

Iterative: Iterativum (German) part of speech: noun, (neuter) cases: nominative: singular the iterative; Plural the iterative genitive: singular of the iterative; Majority of iteratives ...

iterate:… 3) Lists in Java can be iterated Derived words: Iteration, iterative Translations Basque: iteratu, erhpikatu English: iterate Swedish:…

iteration:… Underline. “Derived words: 1) Iteration step, iteration method, iterative Translations Arabic: تكرار English: iteration French:…

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