How can I fight copyright law

How Google intends to prevent copyright infringement

Questions about how to deal with online plagiarism have not only been raised since the planned, controversial EU copyright reform. Because many legal texts are still not adapted to the digital space. Now Google has spoken up: Copyright infringements should be prevented in a more targeted manner in the future.

Five principles against piracy

The enterprise Google has regarding Copyright Infringement an action plan recently published on the internet. The report is with "How Google Fights Piracy”(How Google fights piracy) and shows on around 60 pages how the company is already against Plagiarism what is going on and what is planned for the future.

On the website of the German Google subsidiary, in one blog entry a summary of the previous and planned measures can be read. These are according to their own information five principles based on:

  • more legal alternatives create
  • the Funding basis cap from piracy websites ("follow the money")
  • protection against false copyright complaints
  • Measures that Google takes against copyright infringement should also be implemented in the large scale be applicable to guarantee a quick turnaround
  • more regular Transparency report publishing requests from rightsholders and governments
In addition, the Google platform YouTube uses the so-called Content ID system, in which new videos are compared with the existing database and Copyright holder be informed in the event of a match.

Company history shaped by many scandals

Even as Google counteracts copyright infringement, other problems for the company remain

The fact that Google is now putting online copyright infringement in the foreground can be seen as praiseworthy are designated. After all, efforts are over fairness under competition law also important on the part of the provider in order to create a uniform, legal framework and to guarantee the rights of the creators.

Nevertheless, it must of course be emphasized that Google is always because of Inadequate data protection talked about himself. Some of them too opaque way of working of your own Search algorithms, Data deals with the CIA or that Profiling of users through the use of several Google services are circumstances that tend to stand in the way of the often emphatically conciliatory and reserved appearance of Google.

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How Google intends to prevent copyright infringement
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