What are some similar services like iBuildApp

Ten useful app construction kits and generators

Developing your own app is too expensive for many smaller companies. On the other hand, an app is a pretty good marketing tool. So how do companies get a (relatively) inexpensive app without programming?

With an app construction kit: With such a tool, you can combine pre-made elements into an app on a user interface. This is of course not "real" programming, but in many cases it is perfectly sufficient.

There are now a large number of such systems that meet very different needs and in some cases (like App Inventor) even enable the development of quite complex apps. In many cases, however, a standard app adapted in terms of layout and functionality is sufficient for certain industries and business models.

App Inventor

The free App Inventor is a very extensive modular system for the free development of Android apps of all types and areas of application. It is aimed at non-programmers, but requires advanced knowledge of using computers and smartphones. The web interface offers a graphical editor in which the user interface of an app is composed of the familiar screen elements from Android. These objects are then equipped with the app logic. There is comprehensive documentation (in English) for beginners.


The AppConfector is a generator for interactive mobile websites as a real app development system. He can cost-effectively generate various web apps that have functions such as information pages, RSS feeds, shops, forms, vouchers and access to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube. Numerous layouts are possible. The generator is particularly suitable for smaller companies that need a simple app for mobile marketing quickly and easily. The apps cost between 12 and 25 euros per month, depending on the range of functions, the free version has certain restrictions.


The Appmaker is a simple generator that creates free apps with advertisements. The ad-free version costs 3 euros a month. It only supports the basic functions of an app and is more suitable for presenting information in the style of a mobile website. The effort is very little and private individuals, clubs or other non-commercial users can quickly find the app they want.


This modular system creates real apps for Android and iOS that can be equipped with numerous layouts. The apps are compiled from modules such as Facebook access, picture galleries, PDF displays, location-based applications, weather data or RSS feeds. The service is not cheap: an app costs 444 euros basic fee and 10 euros per month for services such as push messages or access statistics.


AppYourself offers a very similar range of functions, which, depending on the price model, generates web apps or native apps for Android and iOS. The service costs between 10 and 30 euros per month. For 200 euros there is a design service that creates design templates that match the "corporate identity" for a professional-looking app.


If you want to create a simple info app for free, easily and quickly, you can use the iBuildApp generator. He relies on ready-made app templates that only need to be filled with the desired content. The main target group are small businesses and shop owners. The generator creates web and native apps. The free version is limited, however; apps created with it can only be downloaded from the stores to a limited extent. For 30 and 80 euros per month, there are less restricted versions that also allow their own corporate identity.

MBG AppMaker

The also quite simple app generator (Android, iOS) with a focus on gastronomy and nightlife offers traders all the elements necessary and specially adapted to the gastronomy market, such as music (Soundcloud), video (Youtube, Vimeo), picture galleries, Facebook access, ticket sales , Seat reservation, mobile couponing or news. A dedicated backend ensures that the special gastro modules work smoothly. A professional app with a ticket system and vouchers costs EUR 500 once and then EUR 100 per month.

Mobile brownie

The generator is primarily aimed at commercial operations such as car dealerships and furniture stores, but also at hotels and restaurants. Webapps and native apps for Android and iOS can be equipped with various branch and shop modules as well as with a system for mobile couponing. The service costs between 12 and 23 euros per month. A setup fee of 700 euros is also due for a professional app with all functions and in the app stores.

Image source: Daniel Bleyenberg / pixelio.de