Robert Baratheon was depressed

Stannis Baratheon

If I don't make my claim, my claim will be forgotten. I don't want to end up as a leaf in another history book.

Stannis Baratheon


The warrior of light
King of the Straits
The Lord's chosen one
The son of fire
Stannis Baratheon is a main character in game of Thrones. He describes himself as the rightful king of Westeros. He is played by Stephen Dillane. Although he is mentioned in the first season of the series, he himself only appears from the second to the fifth season.

Stannis Baratheon was one of the first to learn that Robert's alleged children are actually Cersei and Jaime's. He expressed his suspicions to the then hand of the king, Jon Arryn. Together they found out that Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella are bastards of the queen. Stannis is the second born son of the House of Baratheon, the younger brother of Robert Baratheon and the elder of Renly Baratheon. He served in his brother's small council and bears the title "Lord of Drachenstein". During the first season, Stannis went away. After Joffrey Baratheon was named the new king who emerged from an incestuous affair, he declares himself the rightful king.

In the series


Robert waged war against Aerys II Targaryen, which resulted in his being dethroned and Robert becoming king on the Iron Throne. Stannis fought for Robert during this war, but was besieged in Storm's Cape for most of the war. He and his men were saved from starvation by the then smuggler Davos Seewert, who smuggled a ship full of onions and potatoes into the castle. Stannis knighted Davos as a reward, but at the same time punished him for smuggling by cutting off four fingertips of his right hand. Nonetheless, Davos is loyal to Stannis and saw Stannis' punishment as justified. Davos has been loyal to Stannis ever since and becomes one of his closest advisers.[1][2] Davos' son Matthos now serves as a scribe to Stannis.[3]

Stannis took Dragonstone, the seat of the House of Targaryen, home to the remaining children, Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys Targaryen, but who were smuggled across the strait by a loyal knight.[4]

During the Greyjoy Rebellion, he destroyed the Iron Fleet of Greyjoy in the Battle of the Beautiful Island. Then he conquered GroƟ Wiek for his brother King Robert Baratheon, who himself claimed and besieged Peik for himself.[5][6]

Stannis and Robert never made love and despite Stannis' work and conscientiousness in the war, Robert made Renly Lord of Storm's Cape, even though Renly was still a child and therefore had not fought.[7][8][9] Stannis became the Lord of Dragonstone and a member of Robert's Little Council as Master of Ships. He is the least popular of the Baratheon brothers.[10]

He married Selyse Florent, but their marriage is loveless; Stannis sees her as weak and sick and is angry that she is unable to bear him a son. The two have a daughter, Sharin Baratheon.[10][11]

During the first season, Stannis is on Drachenstein for a long time to ensure the stability of the island.[10]

He converted to faith in the Lord of Light because he was influenced by the priestess Melisandre. Most of his followers followed him in the conversion.[11] He has taken over the sign of the Lord of Light, whereby the sign of the Baratheons merges with that of the Lord of Light. It now shows the stag of the Baratheons in a burning heart.[1]

season 1

Stannis is first mentioned in a conversation between his younger brother Renly and Ser Loras Tyrell in which Loras suggests to Renly that he claim the Iron Throne for himself. Renly then makes it clear that he is the fourth, behind his nephew and Stannis, in the line of heir to the throne, whereupon Loras replies that no one will support Stannis because he has a "personality like a lobster".[9]

King Robert tells Eddard Stark that he does not love his brothers and sees Eddard as his true brother.[12]

After King Robert's death and the knowledge of Joffrey's real fatherhood, Eddard decides that Stannis must be the rightful king. Renly offers Eddard to take Joffrey into custody, but only if Eddard supports Renly to ascend the Iron Throne. Eddard angrily refuses his offer, telling him that Stannis is better suited to the throne and that he is an experienced commander and leader, whereupon Renly replies that Stannis is as strong a warrior as Robert, but will not be the best king. Eddard later sends a letter to Stannis in his Drachenstein fortress to inform him of the situation. Littlefinger recommends supporting Joffrey or Renly and manipulating them from the shadows, since Stannis will plunge the Seven Kingdoms into a war as heir to the throne, but Eddard insists that Stannis is the rightful heir to the throne.[6]

Varys tells Eddard that Queen Cersei is more concerned about Stannis than anyone else, even more than the army Robb Stark raised, as Stannis is a proven and experienced commander and known for showing no mercy on his enemies . Eddard replies that Stannis is still the rightful heir to the throne, which adds to Varys' disappointment.[13]

When the war of the Five Kings breaks out in the Seven Kingdoms, news reaches the Lannisters and Starks that Stannis and Renly will fight for the throne. Robb Stark considers joining Stannis, but his followers persuade him to become King of the North and pursue his own cause.[14]

season 2

Stannis converts to the Lord of Light and allows Melisandre to burn the statues of the Seven. Maester Cressen wants to interrupt the ceremony, but is rejected by Melisandre and declares Stannis a prophesied hero when he pulls a flaming sword from one of the seven statues.[7]

Stannis sits down with his followers on the council and prepares a letter that is to be sent to the last corner of the Seven Kingdoms, since he learned from Eddard Stark that Joffrey is an incestuous son of Cersei and Jaime Lannister, and not Robert's legacy. It follows that Stannis is the rightful heir to the throne and he therefore wants to do everything possible to ascend the throne, even though he is inferior. His younger brother Renly also wants to take the throne, which Stannis displeases. Davos wants to convince Stannis to make peace with Renly and advance together against Joffrey, but Stannis refuses. Shortly afterwards, Cressen tries to poison Melisandre by making her feel like she is apologizing for interfering with the ceremony. He drinks the poisoned wine first, so Melisandre can feel safe, but Melisandre has already realized his plan, but nothing shows, not even when she drinks the poisoned wine without a reaction. While Cressen dies from the poison, Melisandre is unaffected and looks down on the dying maester.[7]

Davos recruits the pirate leader Salladhor Saan for Stanni's cause, bringing 30 ships with him. Meanwhile, Melisandre seduces Stannis with the hope of a successor who gives in to Stannis. Then Stannis goes to the Stormlands, where he meets his brother and argues with him for the claim to the throne. They are unsuccessful and Stannis gives Renly the opportunity to think another night. Stannis then instructs Davos to smuggle Melisandre into the caves near Renly's camp without telling him why and forbids him to ask any further questions. Right after Melisandre gives birth to a terrifying shadow, the shadow goes to Renly and kills him.[1] The majority of Renly's forces pass over to Stannis and he takes control of most of the Stormlands. Renly's House Tyrell allies return to Rose Garden. He plans to sail to King's Landing with this superior force, but Davos advises against taking Melisandre with him, as there are rumors that she would control Stannis. Stannis is angry that he imposes this condition on him, but agrees and does not take it with him. He declares Davos to be the leader of his fleet for the attack on the bay on the Schwarzwasser.[15]

The fleet is sailing north along the coast and Davos informs Stannis that they are only one day away from their destination. Stannis welcomes Davos' loyalty and how he deserves his Noble Title. He recalls how Davos saved many people from starvation during the siege of Storm's Cape and assures him that he will serve as the hand of the king when Stannis sits on the iron throne.[16]

Stannis reaches King's Landing with a stronger force than the defenders, both ships and soldiers, and plans to take the city; he initiates the battle of the Schwarzwasser. He is just sailing into port when Tyrion Lannister sets his trap by letting an unmanned ship, loaded with sea fire, sail towards Stannis' fleet. Bronn then ignites it with a burning arrow and thus kindles the fire, the substance of which had previously spread on the water and between the ships. A gigantic explosion destroys many of the ships, including Davos' commanding ship. Stannis watches the spectacle and orders the rest of the fleet to get ready to land. When Ser Imry Florent tells him hundreds will die, Stannis coldly replies "thousands."[17]

Stannis is on the direct front for the entire battle, he is the first to land, the first to reach the walls and the first to climb the ladders. He kills many soldiers, even if he has to face several at the same time, and that without a helmet or shield. He sends a force to the Mud Gate to open it with a battering ram while holding the walls.

A surprise attack, led by Tyrion Lannister, who led the soldiers through the tunnels, destroys the battering ram, preventing the breakthrough, but Tyrion is attacked by other arriving soldiers from Stannis. Victory seems certain to Stannis, but Tywin Lannister arrives on the battlefield with another Lannister general and Tyrell cavalry. His soldiers bring about a turning point and put Stannis' army to flight. Stannis has to look at it from the wall and yells at his fleeing men to stand still and fight, because he does not want to give up defeat, but his guards pull the still screaming and shouting Stannis from the battlefield.[17]

Stannis returns to Drachenstein and confronts Melisandre because he doubts the accuracy of her predictions and then begins to choke her. However, he lets go of her when she reminds him that he is also to blame for the death of his brother. She warns him that he will betray and deceive many more before her long war is over, but that he must keep fighting. She shows him a vision in the flames and regains his trust.[18]

season 3

Stannis appears insecure, suspicious and depressed. He has no idea how he can win the war now, as most of his fleet and army were destroyed in the battle of the Schwarzwasser. Ser Davos, who survived the battle but did not return to Drachenstein until later because he was washed ashore far away, he has arrested after he wanted to kill Melisandre in front of his eyes in order to free him from their influence. One of the reasons for his attack on Melisandre were the human sacrifices carried out on Drachenstein by burning so that the Lord of Light should turn the fortunes of war in their favor.[19]

Stannis is furious when Melisandre tells him to leave Drachenstein temporarily. He only sees another person from his immediate environment who wants to leave him. Melisandre fends off an attempt by Stannis to have another child with her (regardless of whether it is human or demon), because he is currently too weak for it and moves away.[20]

When Melisandre returns and brings Gendry with him to use for her magic (it is power in the blood of a king and Gendry is a bastard of Robert), Stannis agrees, although he recognizes him as his nephew. Plagued by remaining doubts, he goes to Ser Davos and informs him about these events. Davos appeals to his conscience as a good person. Stannis wants to release him, but on the condition that Ser Davos will no longer take action against Melisandre, which he can not promise. Ser Davos sincerely continues to vow loyalty to Stannis. Stannis uses Ser Davos as his hand and releases him. Together they go to Melisandre's apartment and enter it at the moment when she has already seduced Gendry and taken his blood with leeches. In spite of Gendry's pleading, Stannis goes to a fire bowl without even looking at him and throws the leeches into the flames, naming them individually beforehand as the usurper of the throne Joffrey Baratheon, Robb Stark and Balon Greyjoy. [21]