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35 beautiful bridal makeup ideas and styling tips

The perfect bridal styling includes a wedding dress, accessories, wedding hairstyle and, above all, the right bridal make-up, and that is quite a challenge. It has to match the bride's skin type and style perfectly, not be too much or too subtle and, above all, it has to last a long time. Choosing the right styling products is also not so easy if you haven't already found your favorite brand. Several sessions with the bridal make-up artist are often necessary to ensure that the result is right in the end. We provide you with wonderful ideas and inspiration for your styling.

Bridal make-up subtle and natural

Subtle makeup with little color and glitter is perfect for brides who want to keep their natural look or even highlight it. You don't believe how much effort it takes to apply make-up in such a way that it looks perfect and yet without make-up.

Here it is entirely up to you to decide how discreet it really should be. However, if you invest in a professional make-up artist, it should look a little more than your daily make-up. Mainly because you can no longer recognize this in the photos, because you always need something MORE for photo-suitable styling.

Smoky eyes - but not too smoky

Smoky eyes can also look beautiful and mysterious with a wedding dress - but please match them for a wedding and no dark cat eyes for the disco. Anyone who dares a little color should also stay true to their type and not do any experiments on the big day. If you also use natural tones for make-up on a day-to-day basis, you should, for example, choose different shades of brown and not switch to cold tones. Also, make sure that the contrast to the white dress is not too harsh.

Bridal styling with eyeliner

An eyeliner ensures expressive eyes. However, this should not be applied too thickly or like a cat. The same applies here: the style has to be right. You're getting married and you're not going to appear on the red carpet.

From light to dark

If you can't decide between subtle make-up or stronger tones, a color gradient might be just the thing for you. The eyelid tends to be skin-colored or slightly shiny on the inside and is darker and darker on the outside. The make-up looks natural when the eyes are open and the color emphasis is clearly visible when looking down.

Focus on the lips

Those who do not want to have their eyes so heavily made up and are satisfied with a little lash line thickening and eyelash ink can give their lips a healthy pink color. Your make-up artist will certainly know which tone suits your skin type.
The lip color should not be too gaudy (e.g. poppy seeds or cherry). It is difficult to fix a bold lipstick and an absolute disaster if the dress or the veil comes off a bit.

White eyeshadow - why not?

Depending on whether it fits the type, a white eyeshadow can also be a real highlight and is particularly suitable for your own wedding. In general, if you like an idea, try it out with the make-up artist beforehand and get tips. You have to be comfortable with it.

Dare to use color for bridal make-up

If you have a certain wedding color, you can also bring some color into play with your make-up. It just looks bombastic when the eyeshadow is used discreetly Floral decorations or to the Groom's accessoriesfits.

Important styling tips for the bride

  • The make-up has to be suitable for photos. Optical brighteners are a no-go, because they often make the face look blotchy in photos.
  • Don't overdo it with the Foundation! If you suffer from pigment spots or blemishes, you can cover them with concealer in advance, then the foundation can easily fall out. Too much foundation not only looks artificial but also makes you older. Today, every photographer can retouch skin gloss or one or two spots on the computer.
  • It is essential to use water- and tear-proof eyeliner and mascara.
  • Tip for pimples just before the wedding day: Dab the area in question with mouthwash, leave to work for a short time and repeat. That dries out impurities. Then take care of the skin as usual and do without oily make-up.
  • During the wedding party: Never wipe away sweat, shine or tears with a handkerchief, just dab it on. With so-called blotter papers you can retouch oily areas of skin and freshen up the skin with powder.