How is an MBA from Nalsar University

Postgraduate Study In Business Administration

NALSAR began its MBA program in 2013 with the aim of providing graduates who can study financial, legal, political and cultural topics and know the allowable limits of the legal system. The MBA degree floated by the Center for Management Studies (CMS) aims to provide skills for dealing with a rapidly changing business environment.

Traditionally, students of administration had functional options such as finance, marketing, human resource management, etc. But with the changing demands of the market, new specialized options have opened up such as entrepreneurship, family business, agri-business etc. Consequently, the MBA program has opened up NALSAR has an interdisciplinary design as it combines knowledge from the fields of administration, law and accounting. CMS, currently, is specializing in farm management, corporate governance, innovation & sustainability management, and financial and capital markets. Participants can choose one of the following specializations and go along with them with the areas of finance, human resources, financial services and capital markets. Such a combination of we hold enables a well-rounded understanding.

The course is taught by an internationally trained and experienced lecturer. The lessons are combined with the search for solutions to problems living in the brainstorming practical exercises and internships in established and start up companies.

The admissions process is through CAT, GMAT and GRE scores followed by a group discussion and face-to-face interview.

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