What is the name of a young goat



The Goat (domestic goat)


Family: horn-bearers (Bovidae)


They like to eat herbs, grasses and shrubs and often nibble on trees.

Adult domestic goats weigh approximately 50 pounds. The members of the goat family are called buck (male), goat or goat (female) and fawn, goat lamb or kid (young).

Young kids have no horns. They soon jump back and forth and drink milk from mother's udder. The billy goat has horns and a beard. In some breeds of goats, the goats also have horns. The goat gives about 1000 liters of milk a year, some even up to 1700 liters.

At the age of one and a half, the young goat can become a mother.

After five months of gestation, she usually gives birth to two kids in spring. You weigh four kilos at birth. They feed on their mother's milk for about three months, and only when they graze do they start chewing again.

An adult goat weighs between 30 and 90 kilos, depending on the breed.

She gives us meat, milk, fine saffiano leather or silky wool.

Thanks to its extremely high adaptability, it was probably one of the first domestic animals of humans (as long as twelve thousand years ago, as finds in Iran show).

Goats are sure-footed and have a head for heights, they climb slopes like chamois and can even climb trees.

Goats are very smart and can also live as solitary animals. Sometimes you even see a flock of sheep whose bell-bell is a billy goat.


Text by: Benji and his 3c tiger class team (VS 8 -Wels, Austria; 9 years)


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