What is managed city

The mayor


According to the Schleswig-Holstein municipal code, the council elects the chairperson from among its members. In full-time administrated municipalities and cities, the chairman bears the title of mayor. Tornesch is a full-time administered city because it has a full-time mayor.

The mayor sets the agenda for the council meeting with the consent of the mayor. He chairs the council meeting.

The mayor also represents the concerns of the council to the mayor.

Together with the mayor, he represents the city externally on official occasions. These include honoring old age and marriage anniversaries. Of course, he is also the point of contact for citizens for praise and complaints of all kinds.

Friedrich Meyer-Hildebrand:

Our mayor, Mr Meyer-Hildebrand, has been a member of the Tornesch council since 2014. He is the married father of three grown children. Until 2009 he worked as a claims adjuster for an insurance company. Then he got involved in local politics. First as a civil committee member, then as councilor and now as mayor. He is still politically active in the Environment Committee. As mayor, he exercises his office neutrally.