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The real story behind Annabelle

The Conjuring offshoot Annabelle has been showing in our cinemas since Thursday. Some of you already know that Annabelle is also based on a true case of the Warren couple. We'll tell you the whole story.

Filmmakers are bad people! You know perfectly well that the only consolation that so many frightened horror fans pray for themselves over and over again during a film is the well-known mantra It's just a movie! is. They want us to believe that at least some films do not just spring from the imagination and speak of a "true story". Annabelle also goes back to a true case of the Warren couple, who already revealed part of the story of the demon doll Annabelle in Conjuring.

The 70s in the USA: A young woman named Donna moves into an apartment with her “Raggedy Ann” doll Annabelle, where she shares the rent with her fellow student Anngie. The doll that Donna has owned since her earliest childhood was always harmless and inconspicuous, but in the new apartment they soon notice that Annabelle develops a creepy life of its own and seems to move around the apartment on her own initiative when no one is watching her.

When the two found messages asking for help in children's script, the two students switched on a medium. The doll was actually possessed. The entity introduced itself as the ghost of a young girl who was murdered here years earlier and has since been trapped lonely and abandoned in this place. She asked to be allowed to stay in the doll because she sees Donna and Anngie as her friends. The two students were touched and gave in to their request.

That was a big mistake. Because the ghost that had taken possession of Annabelle was not a little girl, but an evil demon who is looking for its way into the real world. And now he had the official permission of both of them to take possession of their lives.

One of the first to notice Annabelle's evil side was her mutual friend Lou. Since he didn't like the doll from the start, he was its first victim. Lou later reports how the doll tried to strangle him in his sleep, but this was dismissed as a nightmare. When suddenly bloody scratches appeared on his chest out of nowhere, it was time to call in the Warrens.

The Warrens quickly realized the demon's real intentions: he wanted to get attention until he was powerful enough to leave the doll's body and take possession of a human. In just a few days he would have reached his destination. The Warrens carried out an exorcism, but since there was a risk that the demon might still reside in the doll, they took Annabelle into their custody.

But even this would have ended almost fatally. On the drive back to their house, the Warrens sensed the presence of evil and realized that they threatened to lose control of their car, especially on dangerous turns. When they got home, the same ghost of the wandering doll soon appeared with them. Guests who expressed themselves disparagingly about the doll are said to have been involved in accidents, some of them fatal, shortly afterwards.

Since then, Annabelle has been locked in a special container in the Warren's private museum. Every week a priest comes by to wet the doll with holy water to keep its evil energies in check.

So at least the - buhuhuhu - true story as told by the Warrens. You can read the full story with all the creepy details on the Ed & Lorraine Warren official website.

What do you all mean? Are you a little scared now, or was the 'real' story just a prank on over-nervous students?