How does the finale of the second season of Flash end

Big showdown: "The Flash" with a big battle in the season 6 finale

Usually includes The Flash like most The CW-Series 22 episodes per season, but the Corona crisis did not stop at the fastest man in the world, and so this must now be shortened 19 episodes rush to his season finale. This led to a new timetable for season 6 and still features an action-packed showdown finale with a great battle!

The latter promised namely The Flash-Showrunner Eric Wallace in a recent interview that you're just lucky that episode 19 is the episode with the biggest battle of the entire series anyway, and the season ends now. So one can speculatively ask how it would otherwise have ended - with the consequences of the battle, which should have provided the ground for the already ordered season 7?

At least it should The Flash Season 6 Episode 18 will already be a meta-episode, which also shows some guest stars as comebacks from the first and second season! That speaks again for a big time travel arc? Or are they "just" flashbacks? Both would be conceivable in view of the fact that you already know which Big Bad is still out there somewhere, but the episode title as well as the description already reveal more:

The Flash Season 6 Episode 18 "Pay the Piper" Already suggests one of the comebacks, the episode description reveals even more: Godspeed is back, and Pied Piper returns too, we won't reveal more. The last episode before the finale is in the US on May 5th The CW to see, on May 12th, the battle will be on with episode 19 "Success Is Assured". Anyone who has somehow been able to see the previous episodes or is following US reviews knows what the final title is alluding to - we just say: Spiegelwelt Showdown! Here is the promo teaser for the new episode: