What is Stephen Fry's Favorite Book 1

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Hugh Laurie wrote a book? At first I was surprised and extremely skeptical. What else is the man doing? Acting, making music and now he's also trying his hand at being a writer? The result was unexpectedly positive.

Thomas Lang, weapons and hand-to-hand combat specialist, doesn't have it easy in life. He constantly has to look for jobs and doesn't necessarily have the right nose for women either. And then Sarah Woolf shows up. Another woman who only means trouble for him, because suddenly he finds himself trapped in an international drug and arms trafficking affair. He doesn't like the fact that he should also be hired as a bounty hunter. But he doesn't get out of this easily. On the contrary, there are always new problems and people who want to abuse it for their own purposes.

The book "Bockmist" is much funnier and more humorous than expected. It has been widely criticized and portrayed as rather lame. But the funny dialogues and thoughts of the protagonist make the reader grin and sometimes even laugh. The language style is fluent and reading is not cumbersome. It may not be possible to speak of entitlement, but it is entertaining and humorous. I found the protagonist's constant joke to be a little annoying. Apparently he couldn't be serious in any situation, even one that required seriousness.

Since I myself am also Dr. House, I really wanted to read the book. It may not be the best book I've ever read, but it turned out to be nice vacation read.