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The in-house map service from Apple is simply called "Karten" in the German version. The app is only available for iPhone, iPad and Mac users, it is not available for Android.

Apple does not yet offer a browser version like Google Maps - the URL only leads to the marketing page. However, since 2018 there has been an interface that makes it possible to integrate map sections from Apple into websites.

Instead of providing an interface for integrating "maps" into apps, Apple has chosen the opposite way: "Maps" can be connected to other apps via the device settings. Then you can call a taxi or reserve a table directly from the "Maps" app.

A function for offline navigation is not provided in "Maps".

Maps from other providers

For its map service, Apple relies on map material from the Dutch manufacturer TomTom and from the Open Street Map project. However, the first version of the iOS app contained a number of display errors, which eventually led to an official apology from then CEO Tim Cook.

Although Apple has now made major improvements to its map app, the use of map material from other providers still has disadvantages. For example, Apple cannot always fix problems itself, but has to clarify them with its partners, which can take months under certain circumstances.

"Maps" privacy

Apple states that it does not collect any personal information when using cards. Functions that require communication with Apple servers are offered on the basis of anonymized user data. To identify users, Apple assigns a separate ID when opening "cards", which is deleted when the app is closed and reassigned when it is opened again.

According to Apple, these IDs are never linked to the Apple ID. So when Maps sends your location to Apple, Apple shouldn't be able to link it to your identity.

Exceptions are the "Improve Maps" and "Report a Problem" functions in the Maps app. When you turn on Improve Maps, Apple compares the address associated with your Apple ID with the location information from Maps. When you report a problem, Apple links the report to your Apple ID.

"Maps" can also be used without access to the location. To prohibit the app from querying the location, open the device settings, tap in the app list and then tap.

Businesses can register with Apple so that their name appears on the card. However, "Maps" does not currently switch paid links and advertising.

Apple's location services

If you have activated Apple's location services, your iPhone or iPad uses GPS and an Apple database to determine its exact location. To do this, it sends the names of WiFi hotspots to Apple, for example. If Apple knows the location of this hotspot, Apple sends the location back to the device. The location of cell phone masts and Bluetooth transmitters is also compared in this way.

This location determination runs independently of your app usage. Apple collects the location data it determines and uses it for various things. For example, to play location-based advertising and to offer location-based search suggestions and news.

You can set that Apple does not evaluate this location data. Navigate to Move the slider for the corresponding functions to the left.

You can of course switch off the location services entirely. Then your device can no longer determine its own location.

Music of the future: Apple's measurement of the world

Currently, many iOS users still prefer the competitor Google Maps, which is available in Apple's app store, because of its greater convenience. But this could change soon.

In July 2018 it became known that Apple no longer wanted to work with third-party material and had been producing its own cards for the expansion of its app for some time. White Apple vans have been measuring the streets of large cities since 2015. Here, the company reports where Apple's vehicles are currently on the move.

The new version of "Maps" should not only work more reliably, but also contain extensive innovations. According to the English-language online magazine TechCrunch, Apple promises to design the programming of its new map app in such a way that users remain completely anonymous.

The new map app is expected to be delivered to iPhone and iPad users with the new iOS 12 operating system version in autumn 2018. So far, however, only parts of California have been designed in the new "map" design - there is still no schedule for the rest of the world.

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