What is the best Mexican history book

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The American-Mexican border fence extends over 3,100 kilometers from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. (May 11, 2017 by John More / Getty / AFP)

If you leaf through the history book, you will see that California, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas originally belonged to Mexico. The trigger for the two-year war between the two states was the annexation of Texas to the USA in 1846. With the peace treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 Mexico was forced to sell these states and thus lost over a third of its territory.

An activist expresses his displeasure and paints a slogan directed against Donald Trump on the border wall in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. (February 26, 2017, Herika Martinez / AFP)

The border wall at the Imperial Sand Dunes. The 4.5 meter high fence is also called the floating fence in this region because the dunes move and change depending on the wind. Border Patrol agents say they intercept groups of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers trying to get into the United States on an almost daily basis. (Nov. 17, 2016 by John Moore / Getty / AFP)

Outhouse in the recreation area at the Imperial Sand Dunes, California. The sanitary facilities were set up for the campers near the fencing. (Sept. 27, 2016, John Moore / Getty / AFP)

A man looks hopefully from Tijuana, Mexico, to the United States. The dream of unlimited possibilities will probably remain inaccessible for many Mexicans. The so-called Friendship Park is one of the few places where separated families can meet. (Sept. 25, 2016 by John Moore / Getty / AFP)

Eva Lara feels for her grandmother's fingers during a brief visit to San Diego. Lara, who lives legally in the USA, has never seen her «abuela» again since she emigrated at the age of three. (May 1, 2016, Gregory Bull / Keystone)

A section of the border fence was cut outside of Sunland Park in New Mexico. (February 19, 2017, Getty / AFP)

Due to the close economic and family ties between the USA and Mexico, the border is one of the most frequently crossed in the world. (Oct. 4, 2007 David McNew / Getty / AFP)

Young men climb the fence at the border in Agua Prieta, Mexico. The Minuteman Project volunteer group guard the route on the Arizona side to search for illegal aliens who are trying their luck in the United States. (April 1, 2005, Scott Olson / Getty)

A border patrol agent guards the border section in La Joya, Texas. A good eleven million paperless live in the USA. Without them, the US economy would most likely be paralyzed. (April 10, 2013 John Moore / Getty / AFP)

The area is also being searched for illegal immigrants in Hidalgo, Texas, with the use of helicopters. (November 16, 2016, Eric Gay / Keystone)

Immigrants living legally in the United States go to the border to meet with their family members and loved ones. A Mexican family at lunch in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. (August 5, 2007, Luis Acosta / AFP)

Since the 1980s, it has become increasingly difficult to get to the United States. The border controls were tightened enormously, and it was started to erect fences in easily crossed places. How far will Donald Trump go with the expansion? (Jan. 3, 2017 John Moore / Getty / AFP)