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FIFA Mobile is now as successful as the console version, which enabled players to build and train their own dream team by collecting and swapping cards. By expanding this system, the game has created its own identity and thus differs from the console version. Nowadays, FIFA Mobile is played by millions of users around the world as it takes events from the real football world and integrates them into the game, so that players feel as if they are managing their team as if they were in the real world, where they take important actions every day and have to make decisions. Speaking of which, with the 2018 Russia World Cup this year, the game now has its largest player base.



Are you dying to know how to become the best manager for your team and the easiest way to beat other teams? In this guide you will find everything you need to know. So read on!


Season 17-18

Unlike the counterpart of the console version, there is not a new version of this game every year. The mobile version of arguably the world's most popular soccer franchise has managed to say goodbye to its predecessors by, among other things, offering seasonal updates for your modes and events instead of relying on new releases. With that in mind, the 17-18 season has redesigned the game, giving both new and seasoned players the opportunity to make their dream come true.

Immediately after the start of the training camp, you will receive your very own Cristiano Ronaldo card, which you can use to strengthen your team's OVR and improve your chances of getting cheap games in every attack mode game.

This season you can train your favorite players to increase their OVR, as well as improve their characteristics through special skill boosts. Through intensive training you can bring any card to superstar status; this offers you additional attack options in attack mode.

The great thing about this game is that you can put together and train a team with your personal favorite players to make them the best team in the world. Unlike in real life, players in FIFA Mobile are not limited by their physical bodies; their values ​​are just numbers that can be pumped to the maximum. Do you want to defeat Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo with a motley team with total rivets? You can do that in this game.



In addition, the VS attack mode is a great alternative to the classic soccer formula, in which games between two opponents are played asynchronously and alternately-based. Each game is split into four rounds per player, and the scenarios of each turn are determined by different conditions, such as the team's OVR. If your team is good and your OVR is high enough, you are more likely to get more opportunities to attack. Conversely, if your OVR is lower than your opponent's, it is likely that you will have counterattacks most of the time, where you will have to defend your goal.



Each game lasts no more than a few minutes, as by and large the boring part is taken out and the player is presented with certain scenarios such as defense, attack, free kicks, corners and penalties. The game can even play itself if you don't use the controls when it's your turn. Granted, the computer will probably not play entirely at your level, but it is good enough to step in if something happens and you cannot pay attention to the game at that moment.



Last but not least, players are allowed to participate in leagues, which is a very special experience in itself. Through these leagues, players can team up with other players and compete for fame and glory alongside friends, family and other players from around the world. Scoreboards and leaderboards showing the best of the best are published each season.

In the new season of FIFA Mobile, players can access the following features:

  • Campaign: This is the single player experience of FIFA Mobile, where you can experience chapter after chapter of soccer challenges and receive great prizes as well as new players, skill boosts and more. In addition, by completing each campaign you will get a head start for the new season


  • Training: As the name suggests, this is where you will build your favorite players. With skill boosts, XP packs or unused player cards, you can give each of your players experience. Once you've got enough XP, you can level up and increase your OVR. When skill boosts are used, you also get an increase in their properties.


  • Events: The classic daily warm-up and scouting is back. Other types of events include those related to real-life situations, such as this year's World Cup.


  • Attack mode: These are the iconic game formats from FIFA Mobile. As explained above, these matches are fast-paced, hectic and therefore end very quickly. The matches are asynchronous between both players and consist of turns, which, depending on how your OVR fits, can consist of defending, counter-attacking, attacking or any kind of ball situations such as free kicks, corners, throw-ins, as well as penalty kicks.



Game modes

In addition to VS, the core game of FIFA Mobile is divided into four different game modes: attack mode and events, which we already mentioned above.


  • Leagues: This is the main way to interact with other players in FIFA Mobile. When you join a league you can interact in classic bracket tournaments and challenge other leagues to put yourself at the top of all friends, families and opponents around the world, not to mention the possible rewards you can get. To unlock this mode, you have to reach level 5. You can get XP by finishing events or playing in attack mode, whether you win or lose.


  • Season: While there is no official career mode on FIFA Mobile, unlike their consoles, players can take part in the Seasons, where they can compete in any of the game's 30 leagues. These matches are a little longer, lasting around 5 to 6 minutes, and are a little more competitive in terms of competition. In this mode, users are looking for the way to the top. With that in mind, only those who are most willing to become the best will take part in the competition. So if you like more simple and casual games, then the VS attack mode might be more of your preference.


Ultimate team building



It all starts with the feature at FIFA Mobile. The structure of your team in this game is done using cards that represent the players. You can get these cards by a variety of means. The first and easiest way to get new players is to buy them in-store. These card packs usually contain multiple players of different quality depending on the type of packs you buy. The package itself can be paid for with points or coins, although the best can only be bought with points - that in turn means that you can only buy them with real money.



The good thing about the packs is that they keep changing depending on events that take place in the real world. If an unknown player suddenly moves into the first division and starts making a name for himself there, you can bet that he will be celebrated in FIFA Mobile shortly afterwards.



Despite the temptation to simply find the best players and train them to move forward through training, you can also train your underdog squad by using Skill Boosts to improve their traits. Likewise, you can use unused player cards to give one of your squad members an XP boost so that they can do better in trading and compete against the titans of the industry. These skill enhancements can be found in packs or purchased from the market with coins. The market is a huge place where players from all over the world sell their wares.


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