Can psychopaths enjoy meditation

and yet subject-related, suffering-related, sect-related, future-oriented, culturally pessimistic ...
because what I get to read here is not enough for me as input!

What really pisses me off today are the terms that everyone carries with them unchecked and freely and willingly bags them up and thus allows them to be pigeonholed. Like climate change OR ice age?
Like GENDER. Gender tells me: you are actually a man. But as long as men need and visit whorehouses, I know for a fact that I'm not a man! And “believe” more in “biologism” again.
[Well .. are Scandinavian people happier because they are gender or because they are financially more equal in social class? 98% of women “work” ... you live there for many months in the dark, you are fuzzy, but unabashedly cultivate cultural peculiarities from North Karelia or Iceland to southern Sweden / Norway / Denmark ... and meanwhile REAP the consequential damage!?

On the contrary! ° I am a housewife! Meanwhile a.D. And I think both are right and good on the one hand! Wife and house! That's why I don't really care what X and Y are doing on their tree longhouse 4000km away!
What a housewife “did” all day was to “manage the house”. ‘(Including the many night shifts that pseudocuppers with paryboy ...) And that is why this dlf broadcast was a“ boon ”(to listen to! Or read Manu)
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TWO THIRDS of the population reject the state-globally imposed model of crippling. But it is only pumped into there and EVERYONE pays (except for the tax hints, wealth dodgers of course not)

Female gold or HB male?
nobody wants this era.

I'll start my comment (still opening) with this video
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because I think older people should become non-conformists instead of cuddles. (and of course you can still control your personal development in this direction, even if you are already sitting in a wheelchair, even if women are not at the forefront of society)
An NDR film “History”, in which Peschel-Gutzeit primarily swings words and feathers, unfortunately remains stuck in the 50s to 70s (80s ... agony of the old SED) years (after a careful look back at the 20s to 40s). There are NO NEW OPTIONS and MODELS TODAY! Not from literal “raven-even crowswomen” like Almendinger (a woman as a man wants today ???), not from women who take a younger part-time Indian for themselves, not from the selected new * families * ? -Minister-to-be. It is the transformed ideologies only “from another shore” that live on or are resurrected. Old wine in new bottles. We learn from Ms. Gutzeit-Peschel (why two names, if “single parent?) That Ms. Merkel, the pastor's daughter, had“ completely different problems ”and therefore no problems with an abortion clause, for example.
And the women do not notice how much they masculine themselves as claquers (also those gentlemen of the fast number ...) of capitalism and neoliberalism. It is women like Peschel-Gutzeit, lawyers and ministers who, in my opinion, counterproductively curtailed WOMEN'S RIGHTS and contributed to the fact that women are worse off today than in the despised “orderly” times!
The “little” doctor's assistant, jerking around from time to time job, who reels off the formula on the phone all day long “Prrrraxis Dr. Helferich…. ”, And who bridged the four hours of lunch break smoking in the cold in front of the door…. Is she now in this“ role ”HAPPY ENOUGH ???
The body image and consciousness of a “successful woman of today” with “her own” money does everything to present herself to the man as “sexy”, shaped and minimized, only particularly lush (in mechanistic, stylish, technocratic fitness centers) To put HIM “on a par” (to be set up?) A lot of money is spent on this, including being toxic. For this, the MOTHER-giving birth is denied. For this, the well-being of the annoying child is rigorously jeopardized.
In the 60 years of my life, I have never experienced such an increase in the decline in social values ​​and the de-solidarization as in the rapid progress of these months and this CULTURAL FIGHT, which apparently not only loses morality in the prevailing chaos, but also confuses all terminology ..

Let's not kid ourselves: it will never be the same again! 🙁

The (secret burnout) medal hanging is celebrated, who in the end and in the long run does not achieve anything, but does so!
There are alternatives and “more modern” models. But obviously there are only cowards in political execution who implement them. After all, “SO” it is mainly the man who profits. Bravo! HE bears hardly any responsibility for children or the household. He benefits from the new divorce law. He doesn't care about family income. And all employed chicks in the second round regret him and take him on to stroke, cook a soup and groom.

After a few rounds of “multiculturalism” in a cosmopolitan city, not overlooking the ghettos in Berlin or Leverkusen / Duisburg, I am no longer convinced of that global political alignment with leveling. And I don't “believe” in peace! : -)
But I am amazed at the “guests” who settle in anywhere with a round-the-world ticket and apparently shamelessly take whatever they want ... a different behavior of the raid ... by the way, it takes 7 generations until migratory birds become resident birds! As a mother in my “home country” I am amazed, because my children have to see how they get their overpriced tickets from a pefiden driving company!

A Stefan Wehmeier writes in a comment (on Arnulf Baring) on ​​Kreidfeuer

# ”There is no morality whatsoever that enables more than 150 people to live together harmoniously both with one another and with nature, because only up to this limit can everyone still know each other. But if the division of labor is limited to 150 people, there is no further development. That is why Homo sapiens remained at this stage of primitive communism for a period of about 150,000 years, which is anything but a "paradisiacal state", just bare survival. " more

_ _ _

“Like everyone else, you were born into slavery and live in a prison that you cannot touch or smell. A prison for your mind. " #

# ” Can't it also make sense to relativize the right of upbringing, including the religious right of upbringing of parents - especially with regard to the children of extremists, such as Satanists or Islamists?

Maria Steuer: This shows the schizophrenia of the current political situation. It is often measured with varying degrees. I am not sure whether the religious education rights of Islamists would be relativized at a time when the abolition of the Saint Martin's festival in schools and kindergartens is already being demanded because the festival is discriminatory for the Muslim cultural area.

In the meantime I support initiatives that are committed not to abolish “own” (even traditional) meaningful things!
As H.v. Beverfoerde
#Incredible! Despite blatant violations of the parliamentary rules of procedure, which the parliament's internal legal service found in the procedure for the “Estrela Report”, the Conference of Presidents, headed by Martin Schulz, decided that the report would be submitted on Tuesday, Dec. 10th at 12:45 pm is voted in plenary. A debate about the highly controversial paper will not be allowed! There are many indications that the entire procedure behind the scenes is heavily manipulated. Apparently, the ladies and gentlemen in the European Parliament don't care too much about democracy and law. Thousands of concerned EU citizens have protested against the illegal Estrela trial by e-mails, faxes, letters and phone calls. This has so far been brazenly ignored.

That is why on Monday - one day before the vote - we will again go to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg and show the MEPs the importance of the vote personally and loudly with banners. Please do not let the wind and weather impress you and come to Strasbourg for this important demonstration!

When? Monday, December 9, 2013 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Where? Forecourt at the European Parliament ... #

I came across the Family Protection Initiative relatively late, find it very interesting and “mainly disloyal to the neoliberal mainstream” to read the list there! In the spirit of the writer B. Röhl (about the fatal human image of the nomenclature), neither to have an OWN opinion nor to be allowed to (as soon as it deviates), and not to dare to say anything at all!

[I am quite "aware" ...
in times when google notices when I'm (but not KonsumFREUDIG) looking at a wedge boot
(ONLY HOW TO!) And do not refrain from fading it into your mailbox and e-mails a million times!
Hey Google: You're so ignorant and just don't buckle up: I don't buy anything and I don't buy anything online.]

Let's see what else will be leveled away.