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Dropshipping (direct delivery) - a method of selling goods over the Internet, where delivery is made by the seller's supplier. The usual scheme: a retail store buys or takes the supplier's products for sale, puts them in storage, then sells them, and delivers the goods to the buyer itself. Direct delivery: The phase does not include the purchase of a wholesale lot and delivery to an interim storage facility. The store sells and transfers money to the supplier who makes the delivery. The products reach the consumer directly from the largest dropshipping company and bypass the retail warehouses of middlemen.

Everyone wins:

  • The supplier increases the volume of products sold without the cost of finding new customers.
  • The deal is very convenient - it doesn't risk the money it would spend on a wholesale lot and shouldn't include inventory.
  • The consumer receives the goods at a lower price, from which the surcharge for storage and courier services is excluded.

Important! By reducing freight, there is less damage to products. This is important when trading fragile items - utensils, household appliances, toys.

Top online electronics supplier



The Russian internet service MEGA-M offers a wide range of smartphones, tablets, accessories, car electronics from the USA, China, Korea and Japan at the most affordable prices. The range is updated daily. Gadgets are sent to the consumer on the day of purchase. The store delivers goods to every corner of Russia. Dropshipping collaboration is the deduction of interest to the seller after each transaction or once a month.



A huge Chinese hypermarket focused on gadgets is available in 12 languages, including Russian. He also sells clothing, sports and leisure articles, cosmetics, etc. Dropshipping offer: The retailer sets the prices in the online shop himself, DX sends the goods to the buyer without a logo or other identification, the delivery is included in the price. There is an option for single orders - it's no different from a regular purchase from DX. For bulk orders, you need to download the catalog, connect to your store and create a delivery request in an Excel file.

The largest suppliers of clothing, shoes and accessories


The company is a supplier of branded shoes for online stores: Converse All Star, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Vans, Puma, Timberland and others. Main advantages: With a minimum order of 1 pair, the goods are unloaded from the construction site (in Excel, CSV, VK-OK groups), there is a price list with the actual availability of the goods (updated every hour), excellent photos of the goods , fast technical support for WhatsApp / Viber, fast delivery of goods.

The company has been in the e-commerce market for 15 years and has been actively developing the dropshipping business since 2014. More than 800 online shops are currently working with the Dropshipping Happiness Provider.

Regardless of the amount of goods in the order, the cost of dropshipping services is 150 rubles per order.

  • accepts payment from customers for the order and transfers it to the online store;
  • own courier service in Moscow;
  • a wide range of delivery methods in Russia (Russian Post, PickPoint, DPD, SDEK);
  • takes back goods that have not been purchased;
  • full deals in your account.
  • iP or LLC must be registered;


Dropo.ru is an aggregator for online stores with 35,000 positions:

  • Due to the high turnover, the platform offers the best prices for different product groups from different suppliers.
  • The partner can export in common CSV and XML formats in order to automatically upload them to the online shop.
  • The seller trades at his price;
  • The order is submitted through the personal account on the Dropo website.
  • Aggregator completes the order (including pre-made) and delivers to the customer.
  • The customer pays for the order upon delivery;
  • Dropo pays the online store the difference between the wholesale and retail prices;
  • The cooperation is stipulated in the contract, payments are made to the seller's bank account.

Important! The Dropo platform offers additional services: creating an online shop and filling out product cards.

Light in the box

Lightinthebox.com is an international company with representative offices in China and the USA. The main goods sold are clothing, electronic devices and accessories, household and summer homes, and bespoke evening and wedding dresses.

Work order:

  • The seller is registered in the direct sales of the largest dropshipping provider.
  • Sends an order on the website, provides the customer's address and makes payment.
  • LightInTheBox delivers the order without specifying the contact details and the price at which the seller received the product.
  • The website provides images of the product and detailed information about it at the request of the seller.
  • The seller can join the VIP program and get a better deal.
  • The LightInTheBox website has the ability to track orders.

Dropshipping (from English: dropshipping - direct delivery) is a business method that does not require serious investments and risks from the online store.

The cooperation between the online store and the supplier on the dropshipping system looks something like this:

1. An online shop uploads goods from a dropshipping company to its website and sets their price.
2. The buyer pays this price to the business.
3. The store remits payment for the goods to the supplier at no additional cost and also specifies where to send the goods to.
4. The supplier sends the goods directly to the buyer.

Dropshipping is beneficial for everyone

The supplier or manufacturer receives channels for selling goods and does not waste time looking for buyers.

An online retailer is not allowed to buy large quantities of goods or take any risks. He doesn't have to rent a warehouse, or take care of packaging and delivery.

The buyer buys the goods at a cheaper price because the online shop does not have to rent a warehouse and pay the courier a salary. This means that he can afford to sell goods cheaper. Most dropshipping deals for Moscow.

Why is it so difficult to find dropshipping sites?

The benefits of dropshipping have been appreciated by tens of thousands of beginners, not just Russian entrepreneurs. It is not surprising that there are more people who want to do business online without investing than offers from dropshipping providers in online stores.

The leaders in wholesale and dropshipping supplies from China like AliExpress.com, Alibaba.com, Dealextreme.com are ready to work with small stores, but not all small stores are ready to understand the English interface, a complex one System of huge platforms to understand for weeks and even wait months for delivery from the other end of the continent.

And then the search for dropshipping in Russia begins. Valentina, the owner of a clothing store, told us what thorns you have to go through in search of a good supplier:

There are thousands of wholesale suppliers on the network, but few offer dropshipping. Not all domestic manufacturers are ready to ship goods one by one. And those who are ready don't always fit: those who have high prices, who don't inspire confidence, and who reply to letters every time or not at all, it's unclear whether they work or not.

Another businessman Andrei says:

I sell sports shoes and I am constantly looking for dropshipping sneakers suppliers. You can spend weeks or even months searching. You sit, sort the locations, and out of a hundred you can only find 2-3 suitable ones. Apparel supplier dropshipping is mostly common in Russia and when you need shoes, electronics, or something else it gets tougher. Now I have found my trustworthy partners. I would like to warn start-ups of one thing: do not buy store bases with dropshipping. I came across a database of thousands of websites. Took a month to check them all out. Workers were 10-20%. They could be found for free, only much faster.

Someone is trying to sell the base for 120-150 rubles. Do not believe such advertisements.

To make it easier to find dropshipping companies, we have collected proven Russian websites and sorted them by topic.

List of Russian dropshipping sites

Dropshipping clothing suppliers

SuperOpt sells Dropshipping Watches, Wallets and Clutches, Health and Beauty Products, Body Shop Products, Household and Summer Goods, Electronics, Jewelry and Accessories, Car Products, Children's Goods, New Years Goods, Packaging and Cases and Other Products from China.

http://optzlatoust.ru - online wholesale of unusual gifts OptZlatoust offers its customers a wide range of products, including their own production. Daily dispatch of goods to the largest transport companies. Wholesale prices come into effect for orders from 10 pieces and from 100 thousand rubles.

OptZlatoust sells various accessories, home furnishings, souvenirs, dishes, weapons and religious items according to the dropshipping model.

About the dropshipping market and solutions for it

This is the most updated list of dropshipping suppliers as of the beginning of 2017. The market is only evolving so new companies pop up every day. You have to constantly look for suitable dropshippers and think about expanding the range. So don't limit yourself to this list.

By the way, the owners of online shops on the Shopconstructor platform have all the functions to work on the dropshipping system. An example of a business that works on this principle is shown below.

You need to choose dropshipping partners to work with, unload the goods they choose, and create an assortment that will be sought after by your customers.

In the administrative part of the business, you set your prices, track new orders and transfer them to dropshipping companies. This gives you a convenient tool for online trading. Having a fully fledged online shop with the ability to trade without investing is cool!

A dropshipping retailer can buy goods directly from the manufacturer or through wholesalers. If the latter only work with one product category and you want to present an extended range on the market, you have to conclude a contract with several partners at the same time. You can use the popularity and reviews of companies to determine how reliable your dropshipping suppliers will be for an online store in Russia. But above all, pay attention to the terms and conditions for cooperation.

Selection criteria for dropshipping providers

In your work, you can use three main methods of selling goods that will determine the strategy for choosing a supplier:

  1. Highly concentrated online shop - You can work with all suppliers, regardless of time and price category, and offer customers a unique range of products.
  2. Making an online business more attractive via social networks - Suppliers of European branded products and inexpensive domestic products are the most convenient. The main focus will be on creating hype and a unique short term offer. Possible sales with long delivery times. For such stores, the main product and related products are selected.
  3. Landing sites (one-page stores for similar products) - Selling new popular (fashionable) goods with quick delivery is effective. With this format, it is convenient to work with multidisciplinary suppliers so that you can quickly switch to products with higher demand.

You will find a suitable domestic or foreign partner for every type of branch. At the same time, in order to keep your website running smoothly, you need to create your own verified list of online dropshipping store suppliers and conclude an agreement with them so that in the absence of a position specified by the buyer, you can offer alternative options.

The suppliers by type of cooperation are divided into the following categories:

  • Wholesaler - You are in wholesale sales but at the same time you work with dropshippers and in some cases oblige them to adhere to the monthly sales standards. Mostly work on a prepaid basis.
  • Platforms - Offer the most convenient work by providing your own online storefront in the system. The dropshipper (agent) receives a surcharge specified by him.
  • partner - Offer resellers, in addition to a surcharge, a percentage of sales that allows them to work at original prices, thereby attracting more customers.

Targeted Russian-speaking suppliers for dropshippers

For a beginner reseller, working with companies that have no language barrier is the most comfortable. These can be Russian suppliers for the dropshipping online shop who offer domestic or imported goods, as well as manufacturers from neighboring countries.

How to find a clothing supplier

The percentage of consumers who buy clothes through social networks and small websites is growing all the time. Categories such as children's and sports suits, outerwear, women's clothing and home knitwear are particularly in demand. If you are in need of online dropshipping apparel suppliers, you can consider the following options:

  • Dappe.ru - Manufacturer of clothing for men and boys. For resellers, the dropshipping system offers cooperation with a minimum order of 1,000 rubles. Will only be sent to buyer's name after 100% prepayment including shipping costs.
  • Filisi.net - a wholesale supplier of women's, youth, children's and men's clothing. In the case of direct delivery, the customer is offered shipping from 1 unit of goods at the wholesale price. In order to work with the store, you must receive confirmation from the supplier about the placement of goods on social networks and online store. The goods will only be shipped after the reseller has paid 100% of the wholesale price. Accepts payments for goods on the Sberbank of Russia card, as well as through MoneyGram and Western Union. The supplier imposes a restriction on promotional items resellers and buybacks on behalf of loved ones. Delivery times in Russia from 3 to 20 days, depending on the location.
  • TRINITY-shop.net - is a wholesale supplier of clothing and accessories. For dropshipping intermediaries, it is possible to send a buyer from 1 unit of goods to the Sberbank of Russia card after full payment. Total delivery time from 7 to 20 days.
  • I-maika.ru - implements the printing of t-shirts and their dispatch to your customers. To work, you just need to advertise the goods in your online store. The company takes orders and payments and when they are complete will send you an amount equal to the value of your markup. Working with this supplier gives you the opportunity to create your own brand, as in your sale you can use not only ready-made prints from the catalog, but also your own ideas.
  • Vilena-A - a supplier of outerwear with a flexible system for establishing a wholesale price. It works with full prepayment and is sent to your customer. To work, you need to upload photos of goods to your online store or social networks, and then send your details and a link to the goods to the supplier.

Supplier of underwear and jewelry

Buyers prefer to choose this product group in small online shops with a high level of service. If you can advise competently, all you have to do is find reliable partners. In principle, domestic suppliers of lingerie for the online dropshipping business act as intermediaries for foreign manufacturers. This slightly increases the total cost of the goods, but simplifies the work for the reseller. You can work with the following wholesalers:

  • Doreanse-shop.ru - Underwear for men and women from Turkey. One of the tasks of the intermediary is to only take orders. The goods are shipped from a warehouse in Moscow, which significantly shortens the delivery time. Shipping from Turkey is also possible if the goods are not in stock in Russia.
  • Kpasotka.ru - Deliveries of underwear and jewelry against cash on delivery, subject to the payment of the sales price at the expense of the reseller. The direct cash on delivery takes place in your name. The company offers the option to sell goods independently in your store or to create a turnkey website for you.
  • Viktoria-opt.ru - Delivers a wide range of underwear (women, men, children). The prerequisite is 100% payment of the wholesale costs. Cash on delivery is not possible as the shipment is from a warehouse in Poland. Despite the company's location abroad, it has a fully Russian-language online resource interface.
  • Tatler-moda.ru - Offers a wide range of branded jewelry (Tiffany, Chanel, Louis Vuitton Swarovski) from a warehouse in Russia, as well as shipping from China or the United Arab Emirates. Offers flexible individual conditions for dropshippers.

Trusted supplier of goods

This category includes products for adults who want to add variety to their sex life. And since there are a significant number of such people in Russia, with online stores that operate under the laws of the Russian Federation, Internet entrepreneurs can make good money without buying any goods.

We can award the company “Supplier of Happiness” among the largest providers of intimate goods through the dropshipping system. The company has been on the market since 2004 and deals with adult articles, erotic lingerie, swimwear, intimate perfumes and cosmetics.

The company "Supplier of Happiness" takes care of all processes of cooperation with the customer. Company employees:

  • Contact the customer on your behalf and receive an order confirmation.
  • Find out your preferred payment and shipping method.
  • Complete the order and pack.
  • Prepare all the required supporting documents.
  • Delivered to the buyer.
  • Receive payment.
  • Finally, the difference between the wholesale and retail price of the goods will be transferred to your account (minus shipping costs and a fixed fee of 150 rubles for order processing).

Working with the supplier of happiness gives you a number of benefits:

  • Access to the largest range of goods on the Russian market - 18,000 items.
  • Increase in profits through discounts at transport companies - The company ships more than 10,000 orders every month, so transport and courier companies offer significant discounts.
  • Many shipping methods - You have the opportunity to work all over Russia, even in the most remote regions. You also get incredible flexibility in working with customers.
  • Easily return orders that were not purchased by customers - Orders are returned to the supplier of goods for adults "Supplier of Happiness".

You can find more information on cooperation with the Supplier of Happiness company on its website p5s.ru.

Who supplies shoes and accessories

Sneakers, children's shoes, bags, backpacks and other accessories are in great demand among buyers and resellers themselves. They can be sold with any advertising material. This is due to the simple dimensioning and a large selection of manufacturers who offer products in different price ranges. So you are interested in the following companies:

  • MMdrop1.ru - The company is a supplier of branded shoes for online stores: Converse All Star, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Vans, Puma, Timberland and others. Main advantages: with a minimum order of 1 pair, the goods are unloaded from the construction site (in Excel, CSV, VK-OK groups), there is a price list with the actual availability of the goods (updated every hour), excellent photos of the goods , fast technical support on WhatsApp / Viber, fast delivery of goods.
  • Outmaxshop.ru is a wholesale dropshipping online store sneakers supplier from China. Offers a selection of branded sneakers from Nike, Adidas and Reebok. The dispatch takes place only against prepayment. A personal manager is available for collaboration.
  • Smart shoes - A platform for the sale of branded sneakers and bags. Offers more than 10 global brands. Offers the possibility of creating an online shop directly in the system. The reseller's duties include promoting a business and taking orders. Payment is accepted and sent by the supplier, with the difference listed after the transaction is complete. Cash on delivery is possible, which simplifies the sale.
  • Alswa.ru - Russian manufacturer of handbags. Takes into account individual offers from drop mailers, offers loyal prices, and minimum requirements for websites for sale.
  • Luxroom.ru - a supplier of bags for the online dropshipping shop that works with original products from elite brands. Also carries out direct deliveries of shoes of classic models. Work paid in advance, but with the possibility of cash on delivery.
  • Bottilini.ru - A domestic manufacturer of high quality real leather children's shoes. Takes into account the working conditions of the dropshipping system individually.
  • Ezcase.ru - Manufacturer of leather goods made from natural materials. Dropshippers offers special prices and a flexible payment system. A personal manager is available for work. The prerequisite is the creation of clear product descriptions.

Where to choose from a selection of clocks and electronics

The most effective products for sale in major online stores and landing pages are electronics and watches. Sufficiently effective advertising and a competent description of the characteristics to sell. When you buy a popular product, the advertising costs are minimal. You might be interested in this iPhone suppliers Dropshipping for online shop:

  • 5apl.ru - A supplier of Apple devices and accessories. It offers the dispatch of products without prepayment by the customer with subsequent deduction of the interest on the intermediate card. Your main task in the cooperation is the processing of advertisements and orders (confirmation) with the transmission of the data to the supplier.
  • Fontop24.ru - The partner company supplies a wide range of mobile phones, including original products from Apple, Samsung, replicas and Chinese brands. As an intermediary, you are invited to find a customer and gather information for placing an order. The sale can be made at no additional cost, since the supplier pays between 500 and 650 rubles for the sale of one unit of goods. When you work with a margin, the profit increases. Delivery of goods on the day of the order in Moscow or from 2 days to the regions.

Other electronics generate no less income. In this case, you can present the goods of the following companies in your shop:

  • 1039.alltrades.ru - a supplier of watches for the online dropshipping shop. It offers shipping of goods without prepayment. Your job will be to collect data for an order. After paying by cash on delivery, the supplier transfers the surcharge to the agent's card.
  • Avangard-time.ru - Offers a wide range of watches and accessories. The cooperation takes place against prepayment of the wholesale price.
  • Q-sange.ru - Direct delivery of modern smartwatches. You are offered two forms of cooperation with prepayment of the order by the customer and subsequent repayment as well as cash on delivery with payment of the difference. Each reseller has a personal manager.
  • Virtualnye-ochki.ru - Supplies various devices and electronics. It works with a wide variety of payment systems. It offers flexible cooperation conditions for the dropshipping system, which are negotiated individually with each agent.

Who sells bed linen and home textiles

Products in the home textiles category are actively sold through small showcases (online shops on retail spaces) and social networks. You can also create a representative catalog for the sale of luxury goods. The following providers of bed linen for the dropshipping online shop can offer you favorable delivery conditions:

  • Textilgroup.ru - a wholesale supplier of bed linen. Allows you to send 1 unit of goods directly to your customer. Your task is to collect orders in the format - article, address, phone, delivery terms, price at extra cost. After delivery and payment, the supplier pays the difference to each card of the Russian banks.
  • Cotton-line.ru - A manufacturer of home textiles in a wide range. The company offers a dropshipping affiliate program that allows you to get up to 3% of sales on your website or otherwise. Carries out the shipment of goods not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries.
  • Ctradei.com - Manufacturer of home textiles. It offers wholesale prices for intermediaries from 1 unit of goods. The dispatch takes place only after payment of the basic costs on behalf of the buyer. For cooperation in the dropshipping system, confirmation of the sale in the online shop or the group in the social networks of the respective subject is required.
  • Textiloptom.net - offers branded bed linen (INCALPACA, pillows, valtery, Saylid, Famille, IRYA) at wholesale prices from a set. Payment by cash on delivery or by a deposit from the reseller is possible. Delivery by the transport company SDEK (paid by the buyer).

How to choose a supplier of perfumes and cosmetics

When working with this category of products, it is very important that dropshipping perfume suppliers have appropriate quality certificates for an online store. Therefore, it pays to work with better-known brands and, if possible, test the product independently before placing it on your virtual showcase. For security reasons, too, many cosmetics intermediaries prefer schemes without prepayment. Such conditions are offered by the following companies:

  • Cosmetics-stor.ru - a supplier of branded perfumes, cosmetics and nail services. The dropshipping system offers various ways of working together. Your no extra charge is 25% of the cost, and a margin increases the commission by the amount you specify. Buyers have the option of paying in advance or cash on delivery. Your remuneration will be transferred to a bank card within 24 hours from the time of payment for the goods.
  • Blesk39.ru - The company supplies perfumes and other goods. The supplier offers the option of sending cash on delivery. Permissible goods reserves of 15% to 50%. The company delivers throughout Russia as well as Europe and the CIS countries.
  • Odetta.ru - Manufacturer of natural cosmetics for pregnant women. To work together, you need an online shop with at least 100 visitors per day. Your job is to attract buyers and collect shipping data. The order is clarified by telephone and payment is made by the supplier. After the purchase is complete, you will be rewarded.

How to fill the store with children's items

According to statistics, buyer-parents prefer shopping in places where all the necessary goods are presented at once (children's clothes, toys, strollers, furniture). This means that in order to trade effectively in all or most of the fields, you will need dropshipping online store baby supplies suppliers. For sale of diapers and textilesThe following companies might suit you:

  • Moy-angel.com - Manufacturer and supplier of children's textiles. The company has all the quality certificates. For dropshippers, deliveries are offered at wholesale prices with prepayment by the buyer (for goods and deliveries). The conditions provide for a minimum surcharge for each product (target price).
  • Tay tay baby - domestic manufacturer of diapers. Shipped via dropshipping system with 100% prepayment by the buyer. This does not limit the intermediary in the formation of margins and the selection of a resource to sell.
  • Babylone.ru - supplies goods for newborns (furniture, textiles, strollers, toys). Dropshipping working conditions are negotiated in a separate order.

Possible dropshipping suppliers for an online toy store:

  • - the largest dropshipping supplier of toys and goods for children in Russia. Range of products - more than 50 thousand items. You can sell in your online store as well as on social networks and advertising sites. No payments are required to connect. There is no minimum order, detailed free training. The supplier provides transparent deals and a profitable percentage of the profit for the drop shipper.
  • Paremo.ru - Manufacturer of toys and official importer of KidKraft products. Offers the possibility of direct delivery of 1 unit of goods without specifying minimum quantities. To work together, you need a registered IP or LLC of the appropriate activity category.
  • Neocube-russia.ru - A supplier of a wide range of toys, including educational products. Dropshippers are offered at standard wholesale prices but with one-time shipping. The company offers flexible payment terms for goods. There are no requirements for sales items.
  • Sunduchokulybok.ru - offers a large selection of toys for different age groups thanks to the dropshipping system. To get started, you need to send an application to the company. The goods are shipped against prepayment by the buyer with delivery by the SDEK courier service or parcel by the Russian Post.
  • Td-kladovaya.ru - a wholesale supplier of children's toys from domestic and foreign production. According to the dropshipping system, it offers a partner program for online shops with a corresponding focus. The company itself processes the order and sends a fee to the intermediary.

Universal dropshipping supplier for online shop

If you are interested in supplies of an expanded range, you can work with suppliers who offer goods in a variety of categories, from household chemicals to electronics and apparel, to make your job easier. At the same time, you can conclude a contract with domestic locations, which have the option of sending cash on delivery, but at higher costs, or with foreign (e.g. Chinese platforms) that only work on a prepaid basis.

How to work with overseas suppliers

By working with overseas suppliers for online stores using the dropshipping system, you can increase the profitability of your business by entering into an agreement with the direct manufacturer of the goods. In addition to language skills, the main problem is the long delivery time, which is particularly typical for goods from China and the USA.

The following retail and wholesale suppliers for online dropshipping business can become your partners:

  • LightInTheBox.com - Supplier of a wide range of products from China. Offers direct delivery upon receipt of payment by the buyer. The ability to work through your personal account. Delivery times in Russia up to 20 days. It can configure the Russian-language user interface, but with a translation that is not always correct.
  • Dealextreme.com - A supplier of goods from China, offering more than 300 thousand items. Dispatch of goods only against prepayment.

When buying in Europe and the USA, you usually have to work with normal online shops. However, delivery takes place via intermediaries (zakaztovarov.net, rusbid.com, shipshopamerica.com) who will provide you with an address for the store to ship goods in the country of manufacture. Then the package will be delivered to your buyer. In this case, the price of the company's services (delivery), your profit margin and the cost of the goods at the exchange rate at the time of purchase are included in the price of the goods. You should also consider the likelihood of paying tariffs if the limit is exceeded.

Who delivers a large assortment in Russia

A domestic, diversified supplier of goods for the online dropshipping business offers you more convenient terms. You can work with the following companies:

  • Markethot.ru - carries out the shipment of goods from a warehouse in Moscow without prepayment. The company's services are paid in the amount of 150 rubles for each order. Therefore, in the price to the buyer, you need to indicate the supplier's commission, your margin, shipping and wholesale costs, which are indicated on the website. The reseller is paid on certain days after prior request. The work is done through a personal account.
  • Megadrop24.ru - stands for a variety of products. The company is a practical platform for dropshippers. In order to be able to work, you must register as a legal or natural person.Each reseller receives a personal manager advisor.
  • Super-opt.ru - Affiliate program for direct mailers. The company pays 8% to 10% of the order value, depending on the partner's monthly sales.
  • Rusdropshipping.ru - a platform for dropshippers that offers the shipment of goods from a warehouse in Russia. The goods are paid for upon receipt, whereupon the agent pays his fee. If the buyer rejects the goods, the reseller bears the payment for delivery and return of the goods.
  • Unique-goods.rf - offers flexible conditions for cooperation. You have the option of redeeming the order at your address, paying in advance and sending it to the buyer, as well as cash on delivery. It is also possible to transfer the authorization to call customers to the company's dispatch service.

Your reputation and bottom line depend on how dropshipping suppliers work for an online store in Russia. In addition to the options listed, you can also use catalogs and websites of supplier aggregators or send commercial offers directly to manufacturers you know.

Hello dear readers! In this article, I will share with you how and where to find dropshipping system suppliers for your online store in Russia and China, and the benefits and proper organization of your business when working with dropshipping.

On our website you will find the most popular dropshipping providers as well as websites ( catalogs ) where you can find 700+ dropshipping suppliers in a variety of niches.

Dropshipping system means that goods are sent directly from the manufacturer to the customer. With such a business, you can do without start-up capital. With the help of a dropshipping system, you can promote your online store quickly and with minimal risk.

Search for suppliers - This is the basis for a successful dropshipping business. Read partner and customer reviews before working with suppliers in Russia and China. Reliable suppliers guarantee the online shop that the goods are delivered on time to the end consumer: in Russia it is usually 5-14 days, in large cities - on the day of the order or 1-2 days.

1. Popular dropshipping suppliers in Russia

Below we have listed the 8 most popular dropshipping suppliers in Russia: from suppliers to single-page suppliers (TV products, bestsellers) to suppliers of clothing, shoes and furniture.

In the event that none of these suppliers is a match for you, the catalog pages of the dropshipping suppliers as well as additional tips on how to find them are displayed below.

1.1 Markethot.ru - a large and reliable No. 1 dropshipping supplier

1.2 Megaopt24.ru - a major supplier of dropshipping goods

Another unilateral provider is this one. This company also offers a wide range of goods - more than 1000 sales items and a full price list can be found on the supplier's website.

Parcels are sent first class via Russian Post or EMS. The cost of delivery by Russian Post is 350 rubles, and EMS - 650 rubles. The goods are dispatched within 12 hours.

1.3 Fontop.ru - supplier of cell phones, smartphones and accessories, etc.

The goods will be dispatched within 24 hours after receipt of payment (after sending you will be given the tracking number for tracking purposes). The delivery by direct shipping to the end customer takes place in all cities of Russia via the Russian Post or SDEK.

1.7 Mmdrop1.ru - dropshipping supplier of shoes, bags and toys

The company is a supplier of sneakers, sneakers, sandals and other shoes from well-known manufacturers (Adidas, Puma, Like, Reebok, Timberland ...). However, as stated on the website, the products are not originals, but copies of better quality.

In addition to shoes, Mmdrop1 also sells backpacks, toys, bags and various shoe accessories through dropshipping.

Delivery is carried out by the Russian Post (cost 350 rubles), it is possible to send goods cash on delivery (you just need to pay the shipping costs in advance). Before shipping, the goods are checked for marriage (in the event of marriage, the goods will be exchanged at your own expense).

1.8 Dropo.ru - different products in different categories

- A platform that works with reliable suppliers and offers a wide range of dropshipping products (more than 500,000 items): from household appliances, bicycles, car goods to goods for children, for private houses and holiday homes.

In addition to the suppliers on this platform, it is possible to set up your own online shop. You don't have to worry about the delivery account - Dropo.ru performs an independent delivery to the customer's door (via SDEK).

The company also offers cash services.

2. Catalogs of dropshipping suppliers in Russia - more than 700 suppliers

In the table below, we have prepared catalog pages for you on which you can find suppliers for dropshipping in various niches:

3. Dropshipping: Search suppliers for online stores in Russia and China

Let's look at a few more ways to find dropshipping suppliers in Russia and China.

One of the easy ways to find a supplier using the dropshipping system is to find a large manufacturer in your area and get them interested in your services.

You can make an agreement in which all essential points of cooperation are laid down. Here you have to make an effort, because a good price for the goods is when buying in bulk.

It is necessary to buy a large number of products at a wholesale price in order to get a good discount. Everything happens differently with dropshipping.

3.1. 4 most popular suppliers:

  • dx.com
  • chinavasion.com
  • dhgate.com
  • osell.com

There are platforms where goods are sold in bulk. They are called aggregates of suppliers. They give online store owners lists of companies in Russia and China that carry out dropshipping activities.

3.2. Russian suppliers (wholesale and dropshipping):

  • Supl.biz
  • Optlist.ru
  • Aplix.ru

3.3. China Suppliers - Small Wholesale And Retail:

  • Aliexpress
  • Alibaba
  • Dinodirect
  • Taobao
  • Tmart

All of these are Chinese locations with a huge variety of products at a low price from each manufacturer.

4. How to choose the right provider for the online shop

To choose a reliable supplier, you need to study the company's documentation and get acquainted with the details and contacts. Do not start your work with companies that you doubt. In Russia, and especially in China, they can deceive the owners of trustworthy online stores.

Talk to your intended supplier before working with them. With Russian partners this will be much easier, but the price is much higher than in China.

When working with foreign companies, it is better to have a translator to discuss all the nuances in case the supplier does not meet the conditions stipulated in the contract.

If you are aiming for a long and profitable cooperation with a supplier, I definitely recommend that you check their legal data.

5. What difficulties can arise if you do not check the supplier?

There are many opportunities:

  1. Companies that will one day exist. You may come across a company that exists for a day and is able to collect the customer's money you transferred.
  2. Low quality of the goods. Your customers may receive substandard items.
  3. Cheat. Your laptop may be hacked by scammers in order to get all the passwords.

Verification of suppliers is necessary: ​​to find out the real coordinates of the company, the duration of use of the domain, to get acquainted with the website, to communicate with the company's employees. In addition, you can request other (legal) documents, reliable companies will certainly provide you with all the necessary documents.

6. Paid and Free Ways to Find Dropshipping Suppliers

We have described above how to search for a supplier, here we inform you about the paid and free access to the supplier selection.

Publicly accessible supplier lists are published on social networks or on search (Yandex, Google). There is no need to rush to include the addresses of the top positions in the requested search as vendors who sell goods in bulk and who work in the dropshipping sector often do not do well in SEO advertising.

The dropshipping system allows you to work with portals that work in Russian. The Yulmart 24 and Neotec.

With the first option, it is possible to find almost any product that is in demand. However, this resource deals with bulk sales and only works with legal entities. In the second option, you can buy a large amount of clothes of different ages.

Also, don't forget about the largest trading platform in Russia - Avito. You can also find reliable domestic suppliers who are engaged in dropshipping on it.

7. Dropshipping collaboration schemes

There are 2 popular dropshipping cooperation schemes:

  1. You find the buyer for the goods, he pays you the full amount of the goods (or just makes an advance payment), then you transfer the buyer's details to the supplier and pay him the cost of the goods and delivery (+ additional fee can be paid by the supplier be collected).
  2. According to the second scheme, all you need to do is find a buyer and transfer the buyer details to the supplier. The customer pays for the goods upon receipt of the supplier. The supplier then reserves the agreed amount (cost of the goods, delivery + commission) and transfers the remaining money to you.

The first scheme is the least risky. In the second scheme, the profit from your transaction depends directly on the supplier - how decent it is. However, if your partner is a company that is reliable and has a good reputation, these risks are reduced to zero.

You can also find the company directly - the manufacturer and the offer to collaborate on the dropshipping system yourself. Some manufacturers are happy to agree and can offer significantly better conditions as intermediaries. Do not forget to sign a contract in which you need to register all the main points of cooperation.

I'll tell you a secret: Companies are interested in the services of distributors. So don't assume that you are forcing this.

There is also a way to find a supplier. This will help you find out which companies your competitors are working with and offer them better prices.

To be successful with dropshipping, you can use modern services that increase sales, facilitate the marketing of goods and use effective marketing tools.

You can use your online shop and one-sided products for certain products very easily and conveniently free Create on the popular and in my opinion the best service in Russia, while absolutely no technical skills are required.

A big plus is that it has already implemented an order accounting system (CRM) and has extensive functions. Insales is definitely one of the best ways to set up an online dropshipping store.

So if you are considering opening a full-fledged online store, this platform should also be considered - maybe it is just right for you! 😀

Advantages of the Insales.ru platform:

  1. Possibility to create an online shop in 1 day
  2. Huge amount ready-made templates for online shop
  3. Fast system integration payment, delivery and 1C
  4. Perfect small and medium-sized businesses
  5. Great reputation: already running successfully on the platform more than 5500 online shops

8. Test your niche on request!

On-demand testing is a key part of any business. When you test your niche, you will see how promising your line of business is.

When your products are in high demand, you can start dropshipping and develop your online store.

The best service for checking the availability of the demand for goods sold on the Internet is wordstat.yandex.ru. Here, in the Yandex search engine, you can view official statistics about people's inquiries and estimate demand for your products.

Don't be lazy, go to Wordstat and check how many visitors are looking for your products!

If there is a demand for goods and customers do not really buy these goods, then you should think about it and either choose a new direction or adapt the work of the online shop: changing working methods, positioning the online shop and marketing tools.

In addition, special attention should be paid to the correct and effective setting of context advertising in Yandex Direct and Google Adwords.

Finally, I would like to advise you to watch a video on how to do dropshipping with Russian suppliers:

9. Conclusion

It is very important to be careful about choosing a dropshipping provider to avoid dubious businesses. But don't forget how important advertising is for an online shop, it's 80% success!

Dropshipping has many benefits, especially for a business owner who is just starting out. The main problem will be the lack of huge business start-up costs.

Dropshipping also has disadvantages, for example you run the risk of ending up with an unreliable supplier.

Dear Readers, if you have any thoughts and / or experience with the dropshipping system, please post comments and questions about this article. This is important to us. I would be thankful!