What women stand for beauty and muscles

Long hair, big bottom? That is what men find beautiful about us women

"True beauty comes from within". Only 17% of the men questioned in our survey * consider this saying to be true, the vast majority (75%) are of the opinion that a woman's inner values ​​have to be right, but that her appearance is also important. Packaging and content just have to fit together. These figures prove that beautiful does not necessarily mean slim for men: Almost every second person stated that the figure has little influence on the beauty of a woman: “A woman can be beautiful even with a few pounds too much.” Wonderful, Dear men, of course we like to hear that.

When it comes to the figure type of women, men are also more flexible than you might think. A good third do not have a favorite figure, 22% prefer luscious feminine women à la Kim Kardashian, while 24% prefer tall, slim bodies like Gisele Bündchen's. One of the men even stated: "Slim is no longer enough, you can have a few muscles." Ok, the fear of some women that trained upper arms could scare men off seems unfounded. In contrast, only every tenth man in our survey found petite and small figures ideal. Well, where is the protective instinct?

© Getty Images / 22% of those surveyed favor their figure

If it becomes more specific, i.e. the men speak of their girlfriend or their crush, they know exactly which physical attributes they particularly appreciate in her. For 68% (!) It is the face. After all. For 15%, the best thing about their friend is ... their bottom! Apparently there is a group of men who let themselves be impressed by a crisp downside. The crooked teeth or the big nose are no longer important! But what about the breasts now, please? Every tenth man said that he valued his girlfriend's bosom the most.

Even if men could 'bake' their dream woman - the face plays the most important role for them. Almost 60% attach particular importance to having beautiful eyes, closely followed by pretty, not too small breasts (37%) and a beautiful bottom (36%) (multiple answers were possible). Surprising: 37% said they value beautiful teeth! A well-shaped nose or a flat stomach, on the other hand, are rather secondary for most men.

In contrast, a woman's hair is an important beauty criterion for many men. This indicates that every second respondent thinks that a woman should discuss a radical change of hairstyle with her partner in advance. We can especially score points with long, straight hair that reaches to the chest. After all, a good third of the men surveyed prefer shoulder-length hair. The figures also show that men don't like short hairstyles. Only a measly 2% of those surveyed are into short hair à la Jennifer Lawrence. Curls are almost as unpopular. Only 5% of men like them the most.

Nice and good. But is a beautiful woman always 'sexy'? At least 37% of the respondents said: "Yes, mostly." Even more, namely 42%, however, said: "No, it doesn't necessarily have to do with each other." This may also explain why men who are married to a woman in the 'Champions League' category are married to a woman in the '2' category. Bundesliga 'cheat.

Every tenth man thinks that beauty is independent of woman's age. 12% even find that some women become more beautiful over time. The vast majority (58%), however, are of the opinion that the relationship between age and beauty varies greatly from woman to woman.

At the end of our survey, we asked the men to describe in their own words what makes a woman beautiful in their eyes. Many different opinions came together. We don't want to withhold the best answers from you:

  • "Humor, a beautiful smile and joy in life. Pessimists are not beautiful."
  • "A proud (straight, upright) posture !!! I find small asymmetry in the face interesting. Individual style."
  • "Charisma, charisma and charisma again. Top dimensions without charisma don't work for me."
  • "A warm smile, a sexy brain and an open attitude towards life."

We particularly liked this statement: "Radiance. When a woman is satisfied and at peace with herself, then she radiates that too. These women are always beautiful." There is nothing to add.

* 60 men were interviewed