How to make authentic Italian espresso

Authentic Italian espresso in space

On the historic date of May 3, 2015, during the last "Futura" mission on the International Space Station, astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti became not only the first Italian woman in space, but also the first woman astronaut in history to have an authentic Italian espresso in space drank. After 22 months in space, the ISSpresso machine will be back on board for the "Vita" mission (Vitality, Innovation, Technology, Ability, ie vitality, innovation, technology, ability) and will ensure that another Italian astronaut does not appear have to do without the ritual of an Italian coffee.

The Italian Paolo Nespoli will take part in the mission. He is the only astronaut who can record three space flights and he was able to get to know all the secrets of the ISSpresso during today's training and deepen his knowledge of technical and practical aspects. The innovative coffee machine can thus offer the new crew the taste of Italian espresso during their stay on board and also be a research object that offers insights into the fluid dynamics and conditions under weightlessness.

Marco Lavazza, Vice President of the Lavazza Group, commented on this occasion: “The abbreviation“ Vita ”of the mission in which the Italian astronaut will take part represents one of the values ​​that Lavazza has always valued, namely the desire for innovation and new challenges. It was against this background that the "Espresso in Space" project was designed. "
"With the new space mission, the collaboration between Argotec and Lavazza will continue", says Marco Lavazza, "which symbolizes the Italian talent that will be a protagonist in the space scenario and of which we are so proud."