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Job requestThese are the favorite jobs of young people

The next generation must resolve the shortage of skilled workers and master the challenges of digitization. But do the career aspirations match the requirements of the modern job market? The industrialized countries organization OECD recently warned that young people are restricting themselves too much to a few jobs when choosing a career. The reason for the warning was the latest PISA study among 15-year-olds in 41 countries.

Fifty-three percent of girls and 47 percent of boys expected to be in one of only ten popular jobs by the age of 30, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This share has increased by four and eight percentage points compared to the year 2000. More and more young people are aiming for the same jobs shortly before they graduate from school.

German young people interested in many professions

The good news: German students have a broader horizon when it comes to choosing a career. According to the OECD, only four out of ten young people in Germany are interested in the ten most popular jobs. The organization cited the fact that schoolchildren in Germany are introduced to the labor market early on as the reason. It'll pay off. "When it comes to choosing a career, German teenagers show a much broader range of interests, which better corresponds to the actual needs of the labor market," praised the OECD.

In the PISA study, the dream jobs of young people around the world were surveyed. These were the front runners.

Top jobs among girls 2018

  1. Doctor: 15.6 percent
  2. Teacher: 9.4 percent
  3. Manager: 5.0 percent
  4. Lawyer: 4.6 percent
  5. Nursing / midwife: 4.5 percent
  6. Psychologist: 3.7 percent
  7. Designer: 3.0 percent
  8. Veterinarian: 2.8 percent
  9. Policewoman: 2.3 percent
  10. Architect: 2.1 percent

Top jobs for boys in 2018

  1. Engineer: 7.7 percent
  2. Manager: 6.7 percent
  3. Doctor: 6.0 percent
  4. IT specialist: 5.5 percent
  5. Athletes: 4.9 percent
  6. Teachers: 4.6 percent
  7. Police officer: 4.0 percent
  8. Auto mechanic: 2.8 percent
  9. Lawyer: 2.4 percent
  10. Architect: 2.2 percent

For boys, only the ranking of occupations in the top 10 has changed compared to 2000. The former dream jobs of author / journalist, secretary and hairdresser have declined among girls. They have been replaced by a policewoman, architect and designer.


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