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Create a 360-degree video, that's how it works!

360 degree videos are on the rise! Thanks to the native integration options on YouTube and Facebook, the 360 ​​° videos are more and more often fighting their way into the public. New 360-degree cameras make it possible that the creation of 360-degree videos is no longer a purely professional matter, which is why we explain here how a 360 ° video can be produced. Of course, we are also happy to continue to take over the implementation for you (360 ° video production) - or we are at your side to advise you on your project! (360 ° marketing)

What do I need to make a 360 video?

The right equipment for 360-degree video creation

The most important tool to create a 360-degree video: the camera!

Many smartphone cameras now offer the option of creating a 360-degree photo by swiveling the mobile phone, but the method quickly reaches its limits when it comes to 360 ° video production. That's why investing in a 360-degree camera is the first step when it comes to creating 360-degree video. The cheapest cameras like the Insta360 One X 2 are already available in stores for prices well below 500 euros. (You can get an overview in our 360-degree camera comparison! And all 360 ° camera news ends up directly with us in the omnia360 Tech-Newsflash.)

In short, what is particularly important with the 360 ​​° camera are resolution and frame rate, but be careful: While Full HD promises great resolution in classic film, it is distributed over the entire spherical panorama in 360-degree format. Of the 1,920 x 1,080 pixels of a Full HD camera, there are not as many pixels left in the respective section and the image quickly looks blurred, so the camera should have at least a 4k resolution. In professional 360-degree video production, 8k is already used a lot.

360-degree videos in post-production

The 360-degree video is fine-tuned in post-production.

Most newer 360-degree camera models can be controlled with an app and content can be transferred quickly via Bluetooth or WiFi. While until a few years ago it was very time-consuming to create a 360-degree panorama from several individual images, this is now almost possible automatically and the images of the individual camera lenses can still be algorithmically combined in the app. Basic post-production can now often be done on the smartphone and the video can be shared directly in social networks (see also: Using 360 ° Photos in Social Media and One 360 ​​° Photo, Many 360 ° Formats! ).

360-degree post-production with the right software on the computer offers greater scope. In addition to stitching, image processing, color correction, tripod retouching can also take place here, as we know it from classic video production. The most popular 360 ° post production software is Adobe Premiere.

What do I have to consider when shooting a 360-degree video?

How is my 360 degree video designed?

As with any video, the content is ultimately decisive for 360-degree video in order to convince the viewer. Nevertheless, there are various manipulations and mechanisms during creation to get the best out of the video. For example, you should always consider placing the camera in the center of the action so that the action takes place as completely as possible. In contrast to classic video, it is much more difficult to control attention because the viewer can choose for himself which section of the image interests him most. On the one hand, it is important to use the entire 360 ​​° sphere as much as possible, and on the other hand, the content must draw the viewer's attention so that he does not miss anything - the design of the 360 ​​° video requires experimentation and a spirit of discovery!

What should you look out for in a good 360 ° video?

Special care is required with 360 ° videos for VR glasses!

With 360 ° videos that are produced for VR glasses, special care is required so that they do not trigger motion sickness in the user. Position the camera as horizontally as possible when shooting, a tripod with a spirit level helps here. The height of the tripod can be used as a dramaturgical means: For a natural look, the camera should be positioned at eye level as much as possible, but it can also be used deliberately to have the viewer look down or up. Avoid fast movements and give the viewer time to orientate themselves in the video! In order to avoid stitching edges and unwanted distortions, a minimum distance should be maintained, 1 m is a good first guideline.

When creating 360 ° videos for Facebook, it is less important to convey the most natural visual feeling possible, so that we are a little more free in the conception. For starters, it's a good practice to simply place the camera in the middle of the action and let it roll to capture what's going on around it. When it comes to storytelling, it takes more skill to get the audience's attention. This can be done through spatial sound, fade-in or finger pointing. You can find successful examples here (The best 360-degree videos and here (360-degree video marketing) or directly here:

When are the 360 ​​° professionals in demand?

Whether for photographers or journalists, the independent creation of 360 ° videos can in many cases be a useful skill to expand one's own competencies. However, when it comes to professional productions, e.g. for 360 ° training or company videos, it is strongly recommended to work with professionals. On the one hand, the tolerance in the professional environment is significantly lower when it comes to poor image quality or diffuse content. On the other hand, it is hardly worthwhile to invest in professional equipment and know-how when it comes to project-related productions.

What do we do differently as professional 360 ° video production?

As a 360 ° agency, we provide our customers with a complete range of services, ranging from conception to production and distribution. Together with our customers, we work out a suitable concept according to the respective objective and select the appropriate 360 ​​° camera system. With the 360 ​​° video shoot, we can draw on experience from numerous projects and get the most out of the recordings in post-production. See for example the HFBK annual exhibition, the "Game Two" VR special or Fogo do Samba at the Hamburg harbor birthday. If necessary, we will then be happy to use our marketing expertise so that the 360-degree video gets the attention it deserves.

Contact us if you are interested in learning how to create 360 ​​° videos in a workshop or to find a competent contact person to implement a planned 360 ° video project: Contact