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73 The following sentences contain superfluous elements that do not contribute anything important to the content of the statement. Find and underline those redundant words or phrases. a. Regularly reading books, magazines or journals has clear advantages, such as a higher reading speed, a better way of expressing yourself or many others. b. Distractions can be fatal when driving, for example, and cost the occupants their lives. c. Sadly, unfortunately, we are polluting our environment to an extent that will make it difficult for us to halt and stop the consequences. d. Anyone who uses the phone for five to six hours a day outside of their working hours, i.e. a large part of their free time, is already showing clear addictive behavior. e. The sporting activities of hiking, swimming and cycling are among the most popular sports for older people. f. I will elaborate on these aspects in more detail below. Is there the "correct" sentence length? • There is no such thing as a “right” or “wrong” sentence length. Basically, a sentence must be grammatically correct and content-wise precise and understandable. If so, the sentence is good as it is. •• In a text, however, a sentence does not just stand on its own, but is perceived as part of a complete work. You should therefore keep the following in mind when writing texts: Avoid juxtaposing short main clauses as well as overly long, complicated sentence constructions. The former seems slightly monotonous, while playful sentence structures or clauses overloaded with attributes make it unnecessarily difficult to understand the main message of a sentence. • For formal language, you should always strive for a clear sentence structure. Shorten the following sentences to a length that is comfortable and clear for the reader to make the statements easier to understand. Write two, if necessary three, sentences. Use the lines provided. a. The majority of people, especially the younger generation, have got used to having the information they need without wasting time, since smartphones, tablets and similar devices can be used almost anytime and anywhere. b. For those affected, the outbreak of this disease, which was first diagnosed more than 50 years ago, still means that their lives will change significantly, but the diagnosis no longer means that the patient will only have a few years left. A2 Tip A3 Speech reflection For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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