How do I activate Adobe Flash Player

How do I activate Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome

In order to play certain media content on websites, Google Chrome requires Adobe Flash Player. This is available for download free of charge, but must be activated before it can be used. Here we will show you how to activate the Flash Player in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome: This is why you need to activate Adobe Flash Player

Many Internet sites use Adobe Flash Player to display media content such as videos, music titles or animations. If you would like to view or play these with your browser, this is only possible if you download the Flash Player beforehand and activate it in the browser. Google Chrome also needs Adobe's Flash Player to play Flash content.

How to enable Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome

By default, the Flash Player is automatically downloaded when Google Chrome is installed. However, the use of the Flash Player is only possible after successful activation, which has to be done manually with Chrome.
  1. To activate the Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome, please start the browser first.
  2. Then enter the command “chrome: // settings / content / flash” in the address line and confirm your entry by pressing the “Enter key” to open the flash settings.
  3. Alternatively, you can also access the Flash settings by clicking on the "three-point menu" in the top right corner, going to "Settings"> "Data protection & security"> "Website settings" and clicking on "Flash".
  4. Move the slider located there to the right to "Ask first" and restart Chrome to apply the changes.

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