Why are the iPhones selling so quickly

Where you can now sell your iPhone quickly and stress-free - you should keep that in mind

Apple's iPhone still has one thing ahead of most other smartphones: the price drop is relatively low and you can always get your used iPhone to the man quickly. Whether it is more worthwhile to use a sales portal that buys your iPhone and then sells it on or to sell it privately is not really a question - in most cases you get a significantly better price with self-organized sales than if you did you simply send your smartphone to one of the services and let a company handle the sale. You can also get rid of all your accessories and make a new iPhone owner very happy with them.

However, these reseller providers take away your time and hassle, and that is worth a lot to many customers. The purchase prices vary greatly with the providers. This is also due to supply and demand. If you have some time with you, you can simply check the price again and again. Experience has shown that the offer is often large at the time of a new iPhone launch and the price drops accordingly.

Who buys iPhones?

The largest buying portals in Germany are:

Are buy-sell portals worthwhile and which ones are there?

In addition to the ones already listed, there are quite a few more - but we have already tested the four providers ourselves. There is also the Apple Trade-In and, more recently, the Amazon Trade-In program in Germany. However, these two companies don't always have the best offer.

At Apple, however, the trade-in is particularly easy. There are fixed prices that you can see on a support page. However, this is also an estimated value that is corrected downwards, for example due to damage. In addition, the value is higher if you buy something new from Apple right away. The route is actually the most convenient, but unfortunately rarely the best deal. We clicked through the offers and offered a very well-preserved iPhone XR in red with 128 GB. These are the results:

According to the support document, Apple gives up to 320 euros. At Rebuy, however, there are around 422 euros. Flip4New pays thanks to a campaign (with the code IPHONE2020 there is an extra 20 euros) up to 421 euros. Wirkaufens also gives 10 euros on top with a campaign (code HANDY10) and thus 447.78 euros. Zoxs offers 480 euros or 528 euros as a trade-in value - then you can use the credit to shop at buyZOXS.de. Incidentally, Amazon would only offer a purchase price of 282 euros.

Lastly, a look at Ebay and Ebay classifieds. There you can find the device according to Ebay currently for around 475 euros "price trend". You can always try to get a better price there.

How do I get the best price for my iPhone?

Well-maintained devices always have a better chance of going away for a good price. If the iPhone was equipped with a protective case and screen protector, it can still look like new even after intensive use.

But it is even more important that you never go into the sale with false information. Does your iPhone have small scratches or is the battery no longer the best? Then indicate that too. Most of the problems with the purchase services are with devices that, from the company's point of view, do not correspond to your description.


Purchase portals make life easy. Within a few minutes you can create an account, store all data and have your smartphone valued. You also get a free shipping option, so you basically don't have to worry about anything other than packing your iPhone. As soon as your iPhone arrives at the portal, it will be rated again and you will receive a final offer. Good to know: Most services still give you the option to stop the sale. If the offer still seems too bad for you, you can simply have it sent back to you.

If you are ready now and know how you want to sell your iPhone, we recommend the article "Preparing for an iPhone for sale: What to look out for". There is a workshop that shows you how to erase your iPhone and resets.

Now it's your turn: have you ever tested one of the providers? What was your conclusion and would you do it again?