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10 reasons why it is better to visit Quebec in winter

The Canadian city of Quebec has two faces - a summer and a winter face. The difference between the tides in the province is so great that it is hard to believe that you are in the same place. Most visitors come here in the summer to avoid the cold temperatures, but that's a big mistake!

We're not talking about skiing, ice skating, or even snowshoeing, although that's great in Quebec - no, we're talking about ice fishing on a frozen lake or sledding with the wonderful huskies. Those who like to feel the adrenaline can rent a snowmobile and hunt through the icy landscape with it.

A spa vacation is always a pleasant thing, but it becomes even more pleasant when it's freezing cold outside while you relax in a 40-degree pool. Spa in winter is simply no comparison to spa in summer!

Quebec is a fabulous place to try the national dish, poutine: french fries with cheese and gravy. But who likes to eat warm when the temperatures are already high? Pancakes with hot fruit also taste ten times better when it's cold outside.

Ice hockey is much more exciting than hockey on shoes and winter is just the right time of year to take part in a game or watch with a warm drink in hand. It's not for nothing that the Canadian one-hockey team is a kind of hero of the country.

Nothing is like the sight of the light powder snow, which is illuminated by thin rays of light. Huge snowdrifts covered everything - sidewalks, benches, cars, even entire buildings. When the sky is blue and the sun is shining, the day is done and you are drawn to the fresh air to play in the snow.

The Canadian landscapes are breathtaking even in summer. The warm autumn colors, the green spring, the summer sun - nothing to be desired. So you think until you see it all covered in fine, white snow.

Winter in Quebec is a time to celebrate. Stroll through German Christmas markets or enjoy the Festival of Lights in Montreal. We also recommend the "Igloofest", a three-week music festival in Montreal.

In contrast to the constant train or train cancellations that we are used to in Germany, life here goes on as normal. Even at temperatures of -40 ° C, Quebecers don't hide in the warm. Taxis, school buses and shops work perfectly without the slightest disturbance.

Canada is used to freezing winter temperatures and has made some preparations to make them as comfortable as possible. Actually, you hardly have to leave the warmth. Underneath the city of Montreal lies an underground city, a kilometer-long network that connects ten metro stations and is always well heated.

These waterfalls usually plunge 83 meters down, but in winter they stand completely still. The entire falls are frozen - an incredible sight.

The Canadian province of Quebec, with its francophone language and culture, represents a state of its own within Canada. Originally, the region was a settlement area for indigenous peoples who were expelled during colonization.

Quebec is a fascinating mix of city and nature, adventure and relaxation and worth a visit at any time of the year. In winter, however, you can experience the region from its best and most fascinating side.


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