Does Facebook somehow get my LinkedIn contacts

Do you have a question about Trustpilot? Let's find the answer!

If you link your Trustpilot profile to Facebook, your contacts can see your reviews - but only in certain areas on Trustpilot and Facebook.

If you have linked your Trustpilot profile to your Facebook account, your Facebook contacts can see all of your reviews when they log into their own Trustpilot account. This is how your uncle, your ex-classmates, and that friend of a friend who you kind of know but aren't sure you've ever met can read all of the reviews you've left on companies, and vice versa, you can View the ratings of your contacts.

Where can I read reviews from my contacts?

Would you like to know how people in your network think of different companies? If you have linked your Trustpilot profile to your Facebook account, you can easily read reviews that your contacts have written on Trustpilot.

Here you can find the reviews of your contacts:

  1. Point to the top right of the Trustpilot-Website on your name and select the option from the selection list My reviews out.
  2. The page with your ratings also contains the area on the right Reviews from my friends and connections. Reviews from people in your network are displayed here.

Please note: Under no circumstances will Trustpilot post content on Facebook on your behalf. Your ratings will only be displayed on Facebook if the company you rated uses the Trustpilot app on their Facebook page.

What can I do if I don't want my Facebook contacts to see my reviews?

If you'd rather not share your reviews with your Facebook contacts, you can separate your Trustpilot profile from Facebook:

  1. Hover over your name in the top right corner of the Trustpilot website and select from the drop-down list My settings out.
  2. Then select in the area My settings for social networks the option Delete link to Facebook out.

Now your Facebook contacts can no longer see your ratings and, conversely, you cannot see their ratings either.