How do you buy a monkey

Translation of "make you a monkey" in English

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There are thousands of stores why don't you buy the man a couple of jackets you do me here to the monkey.
There are thousands of shops why don't you go and ... buy some jackets for him, you made a mannequin out of me.
I lay down with you out of concern, and you do so 'nen Monkeys.
I placed myself to you out of concern, and you do so 'nen monkeys.
"What do You there monkeyasks the elephant.
For an old one Monkeys you don't feel bad in the 21st century.
For a 20th century chimp, you're moving pretty quickly into the 21st century.
And I would understand if I had slept with your wife, but you don't love her and I still am and I don't, so why do you so 'n Monkeys because of the whole story?
I'd certainly get it if I'd slept with your wife, but you're not, I am, and I didn't, so why you being such a fetus about this whole thing?
You do you funny about me.
You look at me as a thing of amusement ... I don't.
You do you funny about me.
Maybe if you did, you wouldn't make fun of me.
You do you complicit in the fall of a saint.
You'll be contributing to the downfall of a saint.
I do myself to the monkeyto convince you of the meaning behind it.
I need to come down here, put on a show, and convince you it's in your interests.
Had it not been for him ... our father would have been Xiang to the monkey made.
If it wasn't for him our father would've made Xiang a monkey.
Newt, don't do yourself now to the monkey.
I would never to the monkey do.
Do not make yourselves to the monkey and obey all the rules.
I suggest you stay cool and follow all the rules.
You got yourself yesterday to the monkey made.
They only make you to the monkey.
They're just making a monkey out of you.
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