Why do people question evolution

The theory of evolution questioned

The theory of evolution questioned

Theologian Roger Liebi gave a lecture in the Stadtsaal on the contradictions of evolution and the big bang theory.

As the EDU Toggenburg announced in a press release, theologian Roger Liebi recently pointed out weaknesses in the theory of evolution to the visitors in the city hall with his remarks and clearly distinguished between facts and interpretations.

From Darwin to today

First he showed how the life of the natural scientist Charles Robert Darwin was and what shaped him.

The death of his beloved daughter Anna was a blow that completely destroyed his faith in God. The acceptance of his thesis of "variation + selection = evolution" was quickly developed among scholars and developed further in the 20th century. Evolution was soon presented as a scientific fact.

It became the main reason for many people to turn away from belief in the God of the Bible, and led - among other devastating developments - through their supporters Lenin, Stalin and Hitler to over 200 million deaths, according to the media release. The resolution of the Council of Europe in 2007, which declared war on creation doctrine in schools, is a further consequence.

Roger Liebi was able to prove in his doctoral thesis on languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat their history speaks against evolution, as the communication further shows. He also showed the contradiction between the Big Bang theory and the laws of thermodynamics. Another fact is that different living beings can vary within their species without creating new genes. The gene pool is much larger than the visible configuration.

He could cast doubt on the claim that the development from bacteria to humans took place over long periods of time.

God stands behind the dove

The speaker also asked how evolution should have managed to develop pigeons that orientate themselves on the moving constellations. For him it is clear that there is an ingenious creator behind it. Also, no life could be generated from inanimate matter.

The well-known scientist and evolutionist himself, Richard Lewontin, admitted that science had opted for materialism against common sense, despite obvious absurdities. (pd.)