What causes sagging of the face


Where does dermatochalasis come from?

If the skin around the eyes is noticeably sagging, there could be a number of reasons. Dermatochalasis in the true sense of the word is often congenital, which means that those affected are genetically predisposed to skin sagging prematurely. The advancing age then often intensifies the symptoms considerably. Occasionally, eye infections and other illnesses lead to a permanent weakening of the connective tissue.

However, the skin around the eyes can also sag as a pure symptom of old age without a genetic predisposition. If the elasticity of the skin declines over the years, this is often expressed in the area of ​​the eyes by visible wrinkles. The skin is particularly thin here and therefore often ages faster than the rest of the face.

Numerous factors can accelerate the sagging of the skin. This includes facial expressions, for example: When we laugh, blink or frown, the skin is constantly being pulled. Over time, so-called expression lines form in the areas where we frequently contract the facial muscles. In the area of ​​the eyes, these are mainly the so-called crow's feet or laugh lines.

Pleasure poisons such as alcohol and nicotine can also greatly accelerate skin aging. The same applies to an unbalanced, high-salt and high-fat diet, lack of exercise, stress and too little sleep. All of these factors cause the skin to age prematurely and lead to the skin's elasticity often deteriorating at a relatively young age.