What are the best online planner calendars

The best free online calendars

Thomas Joos, Benjamin Schischka

Free of charge, available everywhere, simultaneous use with friends and colleagues - online calendars have many advantages. We introduce the best calendars on the web.

EnlargeThe best free online calendars
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Functional: Google Calendar

You need a free Google account to use the Google calendar. If you also want to use the calendar mobile or on the tablet, you can download the Google Calendar app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
At the top right, you can choose to display a day in hours ("day") or several days side by side ("week", "month", "7 days") in the Google calendar. The "Appointments overview" lists the appointments for the next few months in chronological order. A small monthly calendar on the left bold appointment days and provides an overview if you have not just selected the month view. Thanks to the "Today" button, you can always quickly get back to today.

EnlargeThe Google calendar is part of every free Google account

How to enter an appointment

Simply click on a day or an hour in the day view and a speech bubble will appear in which you only have to type the occasion. You can optionally write the time in front of it in the format "19:00". With "Edit" you can define repetitions of appointments - for example for a birthday annually - and optionally a location and description. If you have several calendars, use the pull-down menu to determine which calendar the entry is intended for. If you like, you can also invite guests by email, who can optionally edit appointments, invite other people and view the guest list.

Cool extras from Google Calendar

In the settings, you can specify whether location-dependent weather reports are to be shown for the current days, and you can make other settings that generally apply to all calendar entries. Experimental functions are available for activation under "Labs". If you have a Google account, you can use your Gmail account to maintain the calendar online.

In the iPhone / iPad you can also synchronize the calendar via the registered Google account. If you use other calendar software, it makes sense to export the appointments in this software, for example as a * .csv file, and to import them into the Google calendar. It's very easy, and in this way you can get the appointments quickly and easily on the iPhone / iPad by connecting the Google account and setting up the calendar synchronization.

School holidays at a glance: Kalender.com

With the online calendar from Kalender.com you can quickly and easily integrate the current school holidays into an existing calendar. You can also use the PDF Calendar button to download and print the calendar as a PDF file. The calendar not only offers the possibility of managing your own appointments, but also clearly shows the various public holidays in the year as well as the school holidays. In this way, for example, vacation days and bridge days in the company can be optimally used.

EnlargeWith Kalender.com you get access to a clear calendar, also for school holidays.

How to enter an appointment

If you simply click on a day or an hour in the day view, a pop-up appears in which you can enter the date of the appointment. You can be reminded of the appointment by email. In this case, Calendar.com will send the email to the email address you use to log in to the calendar. In the configuration of appointments, you can also define a repetition, for example for birthdays or vacation appointments. You can also define different colors for appointments.

EnlargeCreate a new appointment in Kalender.com

Cool extras from Kalender.com

On the right, you can create additional calendars, add birthday calendars, and import calendars from Google Calendar as well. Experienced users can also import appointments using the iCal format. You can also use the icon with the three dots to show the phases of the moon in the calendar.

Appointment overview instead of calendar view: iKalender

With the online calendar iKalender you will not see a conventional calendar view after logging in, but the next important appointments. That makes the display a little clearer. In addition to the appointment list, you can also display a list of upcoming birthdays. Of course, you can also switch from the appointment overview to a calendar overview. The link "Calendar" is available for this.

EnlargeiKalender shows the appointment list and calendar in a clear and easy-to-use way.

How to enter an appointment

If you click on a day, the window for creating a new appointment appears. In addition to a subject and the time of the appointment, you can also select categories. It is also possible to specify the location and comments on the dates. As part of the creation, you can also create appointments for entire groups as well as series of appointments, for example for birthdays. And you can create notifications to multiple email addresses.

Cool extras from iKalender

You can also send SMS via the iKalender web interface. You can also set up a group calendar in the settings that can be accessed by several people in the team or family.

Calendar links: Doodle

Basically, Doodle is not an online calendar, but can link appointments from various online calendars centrally. You can also use Doodle to conduct surveys and connect numerous different calendars from different providers.

EnlargeDoodle shows different calendars from different providers in one central interface