Would you rather have Instagram or Snapchat?

Snapchat vs. Instagram, who is ahead?

Snapchat or would you prefer Instagram? Photos and now even videos can definitely be found on both platforms. Due to their similar main function, the sharing of (moving) images, the apps are compared with each other again and again. Last year, Facebook subsidiary Instagram took those comparisons to a new level after engaging in some of the competitor's key features.

Snapchat: Not another teen trend

Since the app for all things little ghosts has been on the market, it has attracted young adults and teenagers in particular. This gives Snapchat a huge advantage over other social media big players, as the younger target groups are withdrawing more and more. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who has often shown a lucky hand when buying other platforms, recognized the potential of the short-lived photo app early on. After the attempt to buy it failed, however, and user activity on Instagram began to stagnate despite the increasing number of users, that was probably the signal to “lure away” Snapchat users. So it came about that since summer 2016 we have been able to enjoy the Instagram stories in addition to the Snapchat stories. To round off the look of the new function, Facebook has also appropriated the Masquerade platform in order to put itself on a par with the competitor's popular lenses.

Somehow the same but fundamentally different?

Snapchat and Instagram are very similar in principle, but position themselves very differently on the market. Snapchat is considered a very authentic network on which short-lived, spontaneous and personal recordings are published. Instagram, on the other hand, represents a beautified life and is also partly there to distinguish yourself. But in the end, both platforms of course provide the ideal place to present yourself, whether prettied up or not. But even if you use Snapchat or Instagram in different situations, it can make sense to incorporate the same functions into the platforms.

As a company, advertiser or influencer, you should be aware that, even if the functions are partially 1 to 1 the same, the message can be received differently via the respective platform. Both networks with their high user numbers, Snapchat with 110 and Instagram with 300 million active users, are very interesting. Even if Snapchat has a lower number of users, more active perception is guaranteed due to the active connection to the viewer. In addition, you can reach a target group that is difficult to address via other social networks. In addition, the platform tries very hard to ensure that the integrated advertising fits into the tool without any problems and does not have a negative impact on the user experience. In addition to the editorial “Discover” area, paid advertisements can be found inconspicuously between the stories as lenses or as video clips that can be skipped with one click. Instagram, on the other hand, is developing more and more into a hybrid of online shop and social network, including with the shoppable tags on photos. Therefore, on Instagram, a somewhat stronger balancing act between simple, unprocessed impressions, which should still be visually appealing, will be necessary, while this aspect is not used at all on Snapchat.

The route is the goal

The question of whether Snapchat or Instagram Stories should be used depends, among other things, on what, how and what content is to be shared. In addition, the platforms are of course differently well suited for different target groups. If you want to reach a younger target group and are willing to accept a lower reach as a result, Snapchat is better suited. While Instagram, on the other hand, can achieve more reach, because the stories are not only displayed to their own followers, but can also be played by clicking on the profile picture or in the search.