Why are unpaved roads sustainable?

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The road network is currently being improved with annually recurring renovation measures to such an extent that it can be used continuously with qualitative restrictions. The urgently needed rain drainage cannot be achieved in this way. These measures tie up considerable financial resources without bringing about a sustainable improvement in the situation.

The municipality of Zeuthen is therefore planning to carry out the fundamental redesign of the unpaved and poorly built municipal roads as well as the rain drainage over a period of approx. 5-6 years on the basis of the existing road expansion concept.
In detail, the following objectives are pursued:

  • to ensure the year-round traffic connection of the residents to the municipal transport network in accordance with the state of the art,
  • to regulate the inadequate rain drainage,
  • to improve the traffic management and the flow of traffic sustainably and
  • to upgrade the townscape.
An investment volume of around € 22.5 million has been estimated for the measures necessary to achieve these goals.

The aim is to carry out the necessary construction measures as well as - under the aspect of the life cycle approach of a road of approx. 25 years - also the maintenance and repair measures as a PPP model. The implementation in the form of a PPP model should include ensure long-term planning security for the budget and, in particular, prompt implementation of the redesign concept. It is therefore to be examined whether the implementation of a PPP project for the redesign of the municipal roads and the road maintenance by one or more private investors could be an economically sensible alternative to the implementation of the necessary measures.

Should the investigation prove that a PPP model is the more advantageous way from an economic point of view to implement the necessary measures, the Zeuthen municipality intends to implement a PPP model. Refinancing takes place over the life cycle of a street.

Due to the comparable problem situation of the municipality of Zeuthen with numerous other municipalities in Brandenburg and the resulting transferability, the PPP project of the municipality of Zeuthen was established as a pilot project within the PPP initiative of the East German Savings Banks Association (OSV) and is also receiving financial support for the commissioning external PPP consultant.

The amount of funding is 20,000 euros.

The bidding group Westdeutsche Kommunal Consult GmbH (West KC) / iwb has been commissioned to develop the feasibility and profitability study on the basis of its extensive experience.

As a result of the investigation (study), the OSV will publish a guideline for PPP projects “Municipal road construction and maintenance”.
This pilot project is the first of its kind in Germany.
So far, PPP has only played a role in the building construction sector.

Klaus-Dieter Kubick

PPP = Public Private Partnership or PPP = Public Private Partnerships