There are taxi services for children

Are taxi customers entitled to child seats?

A taxi does not have to be equipped with child seats. But since children are entitled to transport, according to Grätz, a driver has to request a replacement car with child seats if he doesn't have one on board himself. In the taxi, at least one of several children who need a class I seat (9 to 18 kg body weight) must be properly secured. And at least two out of several older children would have to get a class II seat (15 to 25 kilograms). Taxi companies do not need to provide baby seats. Mielchen recommends pointing out children traveling with you when ordering a taxi.

Can dogs ride in a taxi?

Basically yes, because there is a general obligation to bring animals with you. "But if the driver has an allergy or is afraid of a dog, he can refuse," explains Grätz. But then he would have to request a colleague to take over the trip.

How much change does a taxi driver have to keep ready?

According to Schattenkirchner, some taxi regulations of the cities and districts stipulate that the driver must be able to give change at least on 50 euro bills, in some cases even on 100 euro bills - but no more. If a customer wants to pay with a 200 or 500 euro note, he should clarify this with the driver beforehand. If a taxi driver doesn't have enough change with him, he has to go to a bank or gas station to change. However, he may not charge the customer for the extra tour. Even if you want to pay in a taxi with an EC or credit card, it is best to announce it before the journey, because card payments are possible in many vehicles, but not the rule, explains Mielchen.

How much tip is it common?

After short trips, Grätz considers it appropriate to round up to the next euro amount, and after longer tours to the next but one.

Where can passengers see the taxi tariff regulations?

"Almost every city and every district has its own taxi tariff, from which the details of the fees emerge," says Schattenkirchner. Every taxi driver must be able to show this document at the customer's request. In many cars, according to Grätz, a sticker provides information about the valid tariffs.

Can a taxi driver refuse customers to take them along?

Taxi drivers also have rights: "If a passenger poses a threat to the safety and order of the journey, they can be refused entry," explains Grätz. This is the case, for example, when customers are very drunk and therefore in a mob mood or have an infectious disease.

Does the driver have to put up with flirtations in the back seat?

"He will do that to a certain extent," says Grätz. So cuddling and smooching is allowed. Schattenkirchner adds: "The driver has, so to speak, house rights in his car." That is why he can forbid love affairs if it becomes too much for him. (dpa)

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