How many sacraments are there in Catholicism

The sacraments are sacred signs that show that God gives himself to people. The word of preaching is addressed to all people - believers and non-believers. The sacraments, on the other hand, are administered to those who already believe within the faith community. you are Sign of the adopted word. They underline what happens in the word of proclamation and in the accepted word of God: that we have fellowship with God. One can compare the sacraments to a birthday celebration that parents prepare for their children. The gifts and attentions should not mean that the parents would love a child more than usual on their birthday. Rather, they should express how well the parents always mean it with their child. It is similar with the sacraments. They make it clear what kind of our oneness with God is not only in a certain moment, but in general at all times.

The Catholic Church knows seven sacraments:
baptism | Sacrament of the new birth as a child of God
Eucharist | Sacrament of the living presence of God
| Sacrament of Initiation and Strengthening
marriage | Sacrament of God's presence in love
confession | Sacrament of Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Anointing of the sick
| Sacrament of Healing
Ordination | Sacrament of obligatory discipleship

They are visible signs of orientation along the central axes of human life:
At the beginning of life (baptism) and in illness (anointing of the sick), in the search for goals in life (confirmation), in the partner decision (marriage), in guilt and after failure (sacrament of reconciliation / confession), with the question of what and from what one lives (Eucharist) and when it comes to the question of commitment and reliability, speaking and acting in the name of Jesus, binding and loosing (ordination).