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Now it's going around

Home cinema - Alternatively, there are feet that match the height. The largest expansion stage is the System 5 P: You already guessed it, here five large Planet-L speakers are used together with the Planet Sub. Five 6.5-inch coaxial drivers and the 8-inch subwoofer with 200 watts of power are able to adequately fill larger living room cinemas with sound. Anyone who opts for this package has to invest around 2,400 euros. …Continue reading

Less sounds more

video - And the manufacturer is not stingy: In addition to five HDMI interfaces, there is also an optical, coaxial and analog audio connection - hardly anyone needs more. After the simple wiring, you can almost start enjoying music. Bose puts an intelligent calibration system on top for the special sound. In around 10 minutes and following precise instructions, the system can be optimally integrated into the room using the ADAPTiQ headset. …Continue reading

"Wert-Anlagen" - loudspeakers

AUDIO - The Tannoy Fusion 1 comes from Edinburgh in the Scottish Highlands (de facto again from China), which only eases the wallet by 200 euros. AUDIO tested the compact two-way loudspeaker, which can be operated directly in front of the wall, in June 2005. Colleague Knut Isberner particularly praised the lack of discoloration and the spatial precision of the elective bulkheads. …Continue reading

6 correct

video - NUBERT NUBOX The loudspeaker direct mail order company Nubert has never been stingy with membrane surfaces. The compact box Nubox 380 from this set uses a tight 20-centimeter woofer. This means that the successor to the legendary speaker, the Nubox 360, has almost the same housing dimensions as the brand new, “small” subwoofer AW-440, of which the Nubert set treats itself to two copies. Small but mighty - what this pair of woofers achieved in the listening test was really first class. …Continue reading

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