Reduce wind deflectors wind noise

Sunroof with wind deflector

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    better than flushing the flies out between your teeth - like with the friendly moped driver; -I

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    How so! That's what visors are for ...
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  • Hello,

    The wind deflector has been designed to be safe and mainly for open driving and, as a nice side effect, it reduces the wind noise of the open sunroof; -I


  • So, in my experience, the wind deflector in the window frame increases the wind noise a lot. The turbulence is then a bit worse, probably depending on the sitting position.
    Mainly it is supposed to minimize the turbulence in the interior when operating the sunroof, and it does that quite well.
  • I find the wind deflector very pleasant both in open and sunroof operation and the noises with the roof open are also reduced, that's how I feel!
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  • The wind deflector is intended to eliminate the humming noise when the sunroof is open. It was only designed by VW for this purpose. Everything else is a matter of taste. I personally find it somehow not so nice when you see an open eos and the flycatcher is up there in front.
    But as I said, that's my opinion.
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  • I also don't find the wind deflector so visually appealing. And in my opinion it doesn't necessarily do much good, but it is certainly a matter of opinion.


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    Hello Mathias,

    we have had the topic of wind deflectors before. Could the two threads be merged?

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  • Hello everybody.

    Since I've only had my EOS since November (year 2007 / V6), I haven't had much opportunity to drive open top.

    The roof seems to be problem-free, but when I drive with the sunroof open there is a "flickering" wind noise from about 60 km / h, which is unbearable for the ears. I had to do it right away every time.

    Well, I mainly want to drive a convertible, but the sunroof is still useless.

    Are there similar cases or even problem solutions in the group?

    Warm wishes
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    In the same way, unfold the net wind deflector, and it's quiet (er). You will never get it very quiet.
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  • Well, I haven't discovered that part yet. But I am glad that you were able to give me an answer that is already reassuring me. I would like to try that out soon.
  • I also feel that I consider the sunroof in the "sliding function" only suitable for city traffic. At country road speed (approx. 110-120) it is unfortunately simply too loud with or without a wind deflector. When fully open, the car is much quieter.
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  • Hello Cubi,

    welcome to the EOS community.

    You can reduce the wind noise with the wind deflector, the "humming" is also gone when you lower the rear window parts, then the air is drawn off to the rear and does not accumulate inside the vehicle.
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  • Hello,

    Years ago, a non-convertible driver once said to me that he would never buy a convertible, it’s enough for him to have his sunroof open ... I’ve just thought of my part.

    Greetings Frank