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Are there tuition fees in Germany? Who has to pay them and can I get exempt from them under certain circumstances? You can find answers to these and other questions in our article on the subject of tuition fees.

An overview of important information

One thing is certain: Although you don't have to dig deeper into your pocket to study in this country than in many other countries, studying is not free in Germany either. The fees you have to pay depend primarily on the type of university. You should therefore think carefully before studying whether you want to study privately or publicly, both have advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to tuition fees, the following applies: At a private university you almost always have to expect tuition fees, whereas at a state university you usually only have to pay if you:

  • a Second degree record
  • Long-term student are
  • one postgraduate master’s course do
  • No European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) citizen are

Warning - what you should know: State universities and technical colleges usually do not charge tuition fees, but they do charge the so-called Semester fee or semester fees. A small but serious difference, especially in terms of the cost. This depends on the university and federal state between around 100 euros and around 350 euros.

You can think of the semester fee as a kind Solidarity contribution to introduce. In this way, for example, student organizations are financially supported or students are given a discounted ticket for local public transport. As a rule, it is compulsory for all students.

Private universities usually require in addition to the monthly tuition fees no semester fees. Sometimes, however, there may be additional one-off registration or examination fees. The Every private university regulates tuition fees in Germany itself. Depending on which time model you choose for your studies, the fees can go up to around 700 euros a month pass.

Not only your university benefits from the tuition fees paid, but especially you too, because they are supposed to help them Study conditions or significantly improve teaching for students. Below we go back to the use of paid tuition fees.

Tuition fees are a complex topic with many regulations and exceptions that can vary from state to state. You can find more detailed information on this below.

Are there tuition fees at state universities in Germany?

Yes, they actually exist, but only under certain conditions! The Undergraduate degree at a state university in Germany usually costs you as an EU citizen once no tuition fees. That was not always the case, since German universities received one from students between the 2007 summer semester and 2014 summer semester Fee of a few hundred euros have asked per capita. The tuition fees weren't the only cost factor though, as was one Semester fee In some cases, hundreds of euros were included then as now.

The Winter semester 2014/15 finally brought a positive turn for students: Since then, you have to go to state universities and technical colleges in Germany in most cases no tuition fees pay more. However, the semester fee has remained. What circumstances can lead to that, too at state universities tuition fees become due, you will find out in the next section.

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The courses offered at the IU cover many subject areas. Here you can flexibly adapt the course of studies to your everyday working life, as well as the payment plan for the tuition fees. You can find more details in the information material.