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33 beautiful color combinations for your next design

Whether you're building a brand from scratch or creating an exciting new product, color can have a huge impact on the overall message and effectiveness. Certain color combinations have the power to leave a lasting impression; others fail here completely.

In this guide, we're going to take a look at some great color combinations that can help your brand make an impact.

Combining Colors on the Color Wheel: A Brief Overview

Draw a line through the center of the circle and you separate the warm colors (red, orange, yellow) from the cold colors (blue, green, purple).

Warm colors are associated with energy, vibrancy and action, whereas cold colors are often seen as calm, peaceful and serene. When you realize that color has temperature, you can understand how to use it so that it can have an impact on your message.

When colors work together, they create a color scheme or combination of colors.

Complementary colorsare colors that are opposite each other in the color wheel. Because there is a sharp contrast between the two colors, they can make an image stand out, but overuse can be tiring.

Analog colorsare right next to each other in the color wheel. When creating an analog color scheme, one color is dominant, one is supportive, and one is accentuating.

Triadic colorsare evenly distributed in the color wheel and tend to be very bright and dynamic. They create an optical contrast and harmony, make every element stand out and emphasize the overall picture.

With the help of the color wheel you can create all sorts of great color combinations. It's all about finding the right pairing for the right occasion.

33 beautiful color combinations for your next design

1. Pink and dark blue

The strong contrast between these two colors creates a strong, dynamic energy. The pink is reminiscent of fun and youthfulness with a touch of femininity.

2. Red, meerschaum, jade and purple

This triadic combination shows muted, floral colors that are reminiscent of peace and renewal with a vintage flair.

3. Yellow, magenta, cyan and black

Almost every printing project is based on these four colors. Together they can make any imaginable color. Individually they create a bright and modern color scheme full of life.

4. Mustard and black

Yellow and black together create a masculine, modern and yet open-minded feeling. This combination also means “danger” or “warning” in some cultures.

5. Magenta, goldenrod, turquoise, and brick red

This multicolored combo packs loads of personality into a color palette. As the most striking color, yellow indicates friendliness and open-mindedness, while the accent colors add a touch of playfulness and maturity.

6. Pinks and browns

Pink is modern, youthful, and luxurious, and the use of multiple tones adds movement and depth to a design. Pink in combination with brown suggests contrast and seriousness.

7. Gold, coal and gray

A perfect combination of sunshine and seriousness. The gold is reminiscent of nature and happiness, which can be perfectly combined with two different shades of black and gray to add maturity.

8. Navy blue, almond, red-orange and mango

In front of the neutral almond, this color scheme of navy blue in combination with fiery accents conveys trustworthiness and energy.

9. Light brown, dark turquoise and black

On a natural, masculine, light brown base, this combination brings turquoise to the fore to show its versatility as a color reminiscent of nature and rebirth.

10. Navy blue, ocher, sienna and light gray

Neutral backgrounds help the natural colors of this earthy-toned scheme stand out on packaging.

11. Mallow, sapphire and powder blue

The strong mallow and the delicate powder blue of this color combination scream femininity. The luminous sapphire adds a second layer of contemporary chic.

12. Blue, maroon and indigo

As the central color of this color scheme, blue conveys trust and responsibility. With the shift in the color gradient towards indigo and chestnut brown, we are also experiencing innovative passion.

13. Raspberry and shades of blue

Similar to the color palette above, trustworthy blue forms the basis of this combination, while the pink-purple addition of raspberry adds a luxurious femininity.

14. Dark pine green, orange and light peach

As one of the least used brand colors, orange really stands out from the crowd. This color invigorates and encourages. Light peach gives a bit of youthfulness and the dark pine green accents offer warmth and natural security.

15. Meerschaum, salmon and navy blue

The perfect beach palette. This pastel-colored combination of meerschaum, salmon and navy blue represents everyone's favorite coastal colors and creates a feeling of peacefulness and warmth - like after a day at the sea.

16. Blush, green and magenta

Lively femininity, abundant luxury and an accent of vigorous life. This brilliant color combination packs a lot in just three simple colors and enlivens any simple black and white design.

17. Teal, coral, turquoise and gray

This flattering color combination mixes the peacefulness of teal with little splashes of coral passion. An elegant gray rounds off the color palette.

18. Fuchsia, sepia, hot pink and dark purple

Brilliant warmth brings the golden hour of sunset to life in this outstanding color combination. Three shades of different pinks and violets are reminiscent of luxury, while the sepia accents add an old-fashioned friendliness.

19. Light pink, sage, sky blue and grape

Another beautiful, tropical color palette: These four colors are reminiscent of the best of beach life. The pastel tones keep her personality young, modern and happy.

20. Beige, black-brown and light brown

The three shades of the brown color family create a vintage-inspired color palette that is both classic and serious as well as warm and inviting.

21. Sepia, teal, beige, and sage

Perfect for groceries or restaurants. This natural color scheme combines four pastel earth tones to emphasize nature and the environment.

22. Yellow green, olive and forest green

These three shades of green are the perfect palette for this mint and lime drink. Together they create an ingenious mixture of enthusiasm and youthfulness.

23. Fuchsia, yellow and magenta

Modern: check. Jung: Check. Noticeable: Check, check, check. This dynamic color combination doesn't have to do much to immediately leave a lasting impression.

24. Mustard, sage and forest greens

These three harsh tones indicate wood, trees and leaves - the same natural colors of the product itself.

25. Slate and khaki

Two flattering shades of brown that suggest masculinity. An accent of khaki gray adds a touch of elegance and maturity.

26. Turquoise and purple

Cool hues don't have to be muted tones. This color combination of turquoise and purple offers a high, exciting contrast.

27. Pink, green and meerschaum

Three soft shades: This combination mixes natural green and blue tones with a feminine pink accent to create a feeling of serenity, warmth and luxury.

28. Scarlet, light olive, and light turquoise

This color combination of extremely subdued primary colors creates a serious and mysterious color palette with the help of gray.

29. Red, yellow, teal, and light purple

This palette is a party! With the child-friendly primary colors you get a combination that is full of joy, youth and optimism.

30. Olive, beige and light brown

A beautiful pairing of shades of brown that offers serious professionalism. The olive is reminiscent of nature. Together they create a color scheme that is reminiscent of down-to-earth maturity.

31. Shades of blue and green

Filled with lively, natural colors, this cool color combination manages to capture a feeling of movement and life due to its high contrast.

32. Turquoise, mustard, and black

This classic combination of cold and warm colors is reminiscent of calm and serenity. The black offers a strong, contemporary accent.

33. Peach, salmon, and blue-green

Salmon and peach are two shades that complement each other perfectly. The teal accent offers a second level of depth.

Build your brand with great color combinations

From color theory to classic combinations, we've taken a look at really fascinating color schemes. Be it modern and simple or fancy and electrifying, the right color palette will help your brand to be recognizable and iconic in every way.

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