Why can I eat to infinity

Boris Charmatz and the dance steps to infinity in Essen

One wears only a body on her body, the glittering night shoes on her feet, the other trousers without a top - even in the costumes it can be read, this willingness to get started without a set goal in mind. If you are fully dressed, the liberated thinking of infinity is also difficult, Boris Charmatz and the fashion and costume designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard may have thought. The eponymous piece "infini", which Charmatz is now showing as a German premiere at Pact Zollverein, is about the infinite.

The French choreographer works conceptually. In the previous piece "10 000 Gesten", which was invited to the dance platform in Essen in 2018 and was shown in the Gelsenkirchen music theater, Charmatz celebrated the uniqueness of movement in the fleeting medium of dance: countless gestures in rapid succession. With “infini” counting is the theme - sometimes the dancers rattle down a row of numbers like a machine, sometimes they start a kind of number chorale. There is (almost) no need for more music on this evening. The counters lead to a ballet hall, then to war. The dead are counted just like the sheep. Then the five dancers - including Boris Charmatz himself - lie on the floor, in the flickering light of several signal lights.

A pair of lovers just for a short sequence

It is an immense mass of numbers, concrete historical data and years of birth that the ensemble smashes down, sometimes they are lone fighters, sometimes they communicate in a choir and also approach each other physically, merge for a short sequence to the lovers, rush on to the next (T) act . In the tough moments of the staging, this associative collection turns into a striking study that the dancers work on. The less clear images are stronger when the bodies conquer the space, throw themselves dancing madly on the floor, when the numbers stream out of them like a litany. Then counting turns out to be an uncomfortable living condition. It drives you on, but also takes away the air you breathe.

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