What is Chennai


Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu on the east coast of southern India and is located on the Bay of Bengal. With a population of 4.6 million, Chennai is the fifth largest city in India. Around 7.4 million people live in the surrounding area.

Chennai has a 2000 year history, of which some historical buildings still testify. As a trading and transport center, the city gained importance during the colonial era and was also known for its textile production. Until 1996 the city was called Madras and was the most important city in the British Empire. In addition, Chennai is now an important center of the automotive and film industry in India. The films are finding more and more fans here too.

Kapaleeswarar Temple in Chennai

Besides the economic importance is Chennai At the same time, with its many historical buildings, theaters, cinemas, universities and museums, it is a cultural and intellectual center of India.

It is worth seeing Fort St. George, which served as a fortification for the British and now houses an important museum. Numerous art galleries and museums are located on the grounds of Pantheon Road. They show works of art and exhibits from the history of South India.

There are also significant temple complexes worth seeing in Chennai, such as the Parthasarathy Kovil temple or the Kapaleeshwarar Kovil temple.

The 13 km long Marina Beach is an attraction for tourists. This sandy beach is known for its natural beauty, cheerful atmosphere and the stone-made statues that line the beach road.

An unforgettable and beautiful sight. On the beaches of Besant near Nagar Chennai it is much quieter. These beaches are very clean and ideal for those looking for relaxation. Because here you are guaranteed to find a lot of peace.

Chennai is the second most important city after Bombay Film industry of India. What is bombay Bollywood is is in Chennai Kollywood. This film industry is named after the Kodambakkam district in Chennai where the studios are located.

Kollywood is not as well known internationally and produces fewer films than Bombay, but it still provides a lot of entertainment and full movie theaters in the city.