What is additional coverage in cricket

Meaning of the sentence: To drive the ball "upwards"?


That’s a really good question. According to Wikipedia:

On the rise: A batsman plays a shot, usually a drive, to a ball that is fairly short and has already risen to knee level or more during the shot.

Usually commentators refer to it as the shot that is played when the ball is thrown at a good length where it is difficult to drive the ball as the ball would have already risen to knee level. Batsmen are usually confused about which shot to play for this type of ball, as the length is between a full pitch ball and a short pitch ball. So it's not an easy shot to play it on the upswing.

Here is a comment from cricinfo indicating this:


Chigumbura to Mominul Haque, OUT, guess what happened again, won't be too difficult, someone else did betray , Mominul tries to get a ball of good length through additional coverage to beat , instead scooped it up for the man with extra cover take a dolly, Mominul had come over and was close to the line, tried himat the Hit the end up, but he crashed into Mominul Haque c SW Masakadza b Chigumbura 23 (66 m 41b 2x4 0x6) SR: 56.09


According to Bob Woolmers Art and Science of Cricket , a weighty cricket trainer, means "on the advance" "to hit the ball when it comes up from a good length" (p.134). The technical details are explained on pages 138-139.

The point seems to be that it is played to a ball of good length rather than half a volley, and therefore requires excellent timing: it is “risky, but for the well-seeded batsman on a good field, it can pay off extremely well . " Dividends "(p.138).

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This term refers to hitting the ball when the club is on the upswing in the passage of the shot. It is heard often but seldom explained.

and that from the link here

Make contact with the ball before it hits the top of the rebound - and hit it on its advance. Viv Richards was a prominent exponent

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If a ball rises off the ground after it ricochets and the batsman hits the ball before it has fully reached the top of the rebound, the batsman is said to have hit it "on the advance". A famous example of such a type of batsman is West Indian Vivian Richards.