Hunger is the best cook

really needs.

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In certain corpus evidence, the saying of the proverb is questioned to the effect that hunger is actually not a factor in the ability to enjoy. [Document 4]

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[Document 1] (section meaning (s)):

Hunger is the best cook . Hungry people have more pronounced taste buds, reported the British broadcaster BBC, citing a study carried out at the University of Malawi. Afterwards, the test subjects who had to forego breakfast a few hours later had an increased sensitivity to salt and sugar and found food overall to be more tasty than test subjects with a full stomach. RHZ04 / FEB.21520 Rhein-Zeitung, February 24, 2004; Stars & starlets

[Document 2] (section meaning (s)):

This includes that children determine the amount of their food themselves on the one hand, but on the other hand are not allowed to satisfy their hunger with sweet or fatty food. The old saying " Hunger is the best cook "describes nothing else than children who" really bang in "after they come from outside playing. RHZ05 / JUN.18339 Rhein-Zeitung, June 17th, 2005; Children have a feeling for food

[Document 3] (section meaning (s)):

Then the weather struck mercilessly, the construction of the boy scout tents took place in the pouring rain. Preparing food with wet wood also required all kinds of ingenuity and perseverance from the young cooks. But the menu worked, because Is hungry as is well known the best cook . RHZ97 / MAY 12357 Rhein-Zeitung, May 21, 1997; Wild geese - in the rain

[Document 4] (Section use-specific feature (s)):

In the kitchen of the "Golden Swan" there is the hustle and bustle that precedes large celebratory meals. But the men in the neat white jackets are expecting and entertaining no guests. They cook for themselves and rarely do it under a five-course meal. Women are not welcome in this kitchen. And if you watch (as an exception) how the lettuce for lettuce is cleaned under running water, and how it is eaten with the fine ingredients, then you know why. Women are just terribly petty and thrifty; they made a casserole out of what flies in the garbage can. And sin as happily as these men, women cannot do that either. Is hungry Not the best cook ; it is the pleasure. That is why amateur cooks are better cooks than housewives who only do their duty NUN92 / JUN.01021 N├╝rnberger Nachrichten, 13.06.1992, p. 3; Knofel makes you sensual - at table with the cooking brothersKnofel makes you sensual at table with the cooking brothers

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