What was your worst excursion

Housing in the city

Reflection on the excursion

Time and again there are aspects in everyday school life that cannot be planned, but can have an enormous influence on processes, pupil motivation and learning success. On this excursion I was lucky that the weather cooperated. Although the pupils had been instructed by me to be equipped for the case of rain showers, in this case the excursion would definitely have been different and we would hardly have had the opportunity to look inside the building with soaking wet clothes. Since during the excursion between the individual stations there were small hikes of around 20 minutes on foot, the phases of cognitive analysis and physical movement were very balanced. The various architects also ensured a varied course of the excursion. The openness of the people whose living space we dealt with and the generous opportunity to explore the apartments and thus their living space was particularly impressive for the pupils and, in my opinion, left a lasting impression on the pupils.

In this unit, the lessons at the other location were a great enrichment. So it was possible to make it possible for the pupils to understand and experience knowledge at various points, which would have been inconceivable in the classroom at school. On site, the pupils were able to get to know examples of compact housing construction and received information about the possibilities, difficulties and challenges in creating new living spaces. The theoretical parts in particular required a high level of concentration and attention from the pupils, as a great deal of information was conveyed. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the excursion broadened the horizons of the pupils, which was also evident from the positive feedback from the class.

Andreas Zimbelmann

Handout on the objects that were on the program for the excursion on June 19, 2018.