Which song best describes your current mood?

10 Austrian songs for your travel playlist

“One into life” is the motto for most of us again in the summer. In joyful anticipation, we count the days until our vacation or our next adventure. Yes, we are all burned out and only smile so friendly at one colleague because you know that you will soon be gone.

The anticipation is known to be the greatest joy, and when the DAY finally comes, the feeling of happiness couldn't be greater. Each of us has a life-changing bucket list and the goal of ticking off a few items year after year.

Are you planning a city trip to Bologna or paddling by the sea? Do you like to stay in a guesthouse on Strada del Sole or in an all inclusive hotel? With our playlist of the top 10 Austrian travel songs, not only will the waiting time for the perfect vacation be sweetened and the anticipation will be fueled, it also releases all the necessary happiness hormones during the trip.

So enjoy your time to the fullest. One thing is certain, you can't buy a good time, you have to make it. How could that be easier than with the right music?

1. Pizzera & Jaus - One in life

Let's start right away with the song that everyone can sing along to - at least with the chorus, right? As the two correctly put it: It doesn't matter what you do, what you do or are. They also confirm that everyone can have a great time. Since it is best to “give everything” when traveling, we just have to make one thing clear: where is fohrma going?

2. Reinhard Fendrich - Strada del sole

"Your Freindin is going to an Italiano?" Then off to Rome with you if you want her back or better to explore the world on your own - then I am sure that you will not cry for her for long! Pack a “de neichn sandal”, cancel the annual ticket in Gänsehäufel and off you go to Málaga - the Spanish women shouldn't be despised either ...

3. Wanda - Bologna

Let's be honest: the lyrics of this song are questionable. Nonetheless, every Austrian can shout along loudly when it says “Amore, my city”. The top hit “Bologna” has become an integral part of our music scene and probably best describes the Italian Dolce Vita in Austrian.

4. Picture book - Splash

In my opinion, it is much better to splash around in the large pond on the coast of Costa Rica, Australia or Cape Town than in mom's pool. And “if you are afraid of the future” you should invest better in your language skills than in a pool! And “if you have too much money” then it is best to stay in your dream destination for half a year! And “when you have everything”, it's best to jump into our pool at EF Miami Beach, which is located right on the picture-perfect beach buch

5. Seiler & Speer - All Inclusive

Is your battery that empty too? Then it's time for the beach, fun and a cocktail or two. Some can recharge their batteries to the fullest when everything is free, no one contradicts when the wishes are read from their lips. In the end, Seiler and Speer obviously didn't have the luxury they had hoped for, but we Austrians always have a few rascals ...

6. Granada - Pina Colada

Who wouldn't want to be "over in the South Pacific" now? And it is not as "far away" as Granada claim. Whether in the Bahamas or in Honolulu - you can endure a pina colada in hand everywhere. If you then also put a smile on your face with the sympathetic Grazers with their authentic Austrian dialect, you are guaranteed not to be homesick!

7. Folk Aid - Summa Sun

Who doesn't know them yet ?! The Austrian newcomer band Folkshilfe is gradually making its way into the Austrian top charts. The unusual combination of the folksy squeeze and synthesizer creates an incomparable sound and creates a really good mood. The good mood song "Summa Sun" is at the top of our dance song list for your perfect summer.

8. Falco - America

He was a superstar, so popular, so exalted, that was exactly his flair - Austria loves its hero Falco. As one of the few German-speaking singers, Falco even made it into the American charts with his charming Viennese slang. We really celebrate Austria's top musician with this song!

9. Parov Stelar - The Paris Swingbox

Marcus Füreder brought electroswing to Austria under the stage name Parov Stelar - and we LOVE IT! His concept is simple: make new out of old. The mix of swing music and fast beats simply puts you in a good mood and is guaranteed to make you dance.

10. STS - I'll stay there someday

You don't have to “go there forever”, but a couple of weeks or months can certainly be set up. You don't have to “lay down and stand up”, but with or without “red wine in your hand” “the white sand” doesn't become more paradisiacal for you when you wait!

In this sense: the world is waiting - what are you waiting for?

So out with the headphones and off with you to your dream destination!