What is the age of stupidity

Free University of Berlin

Meeting:Thursday June 23rd
Time:16:00 - 18:00 s.t.
Room:Lecture hall 1A

Film screening and discussion

The Age of Stupid: (89 min. 2009) by Franny Armstrong (OmU)

THE AGE OF STUPID - Age of Stupidity - that is the title of the English docudrama, in which one looks back from the future to the earth of today. Motto: If only humanity had simply seized the opportunity to combat climate change effectively when it was still possible. Have we arrived in the "Age of Stupidity"? What can we do and to what extent is each and every individual called upon to get involved in climate protection? The film is intended to encourage courage and show the power that each individual has to shape the world in the interests of future generations by acting in their own area. Whether as an individual, as a consumer: in, at work or in voluntary organizations: only those who are part of the solution are not part of the problem. Following the film, Katie Griggs presented the 10:10 campaign, which shows options for action and concrete measures how 10 percent CO2 can be saved annually.

The previous generation was not aware of the extent of the problem, nor were any possible solutions. And it will be too late for the next generation. I find it highly motivating that we are a generation that can change something. We are the generation that has to change something!
Franny Armstrong (Age of Stupid filmmaker and 10:10 campaign founder)

Program Sequence:

4 p.m. Introduction
Julia Rawlins, British Council, Berlin

Following the 90 minute film:
Discussion with Katie Griggs, Campaign 10:10

Conception and organization

British Council in cooperation with FUBIS and the Research Center for Environmental Policy, Free University of Berlin.