Transmits EVDO data

Settings for the mobile network

In the settings for the mobile network, you can switch mobile data and roaming on or off, specify which apps and services use mobile data, view the call time and the use of mobile data, and set other options for the mobile network.

If the iPhone is connected to the Internet via the cellular network, the symbol for LTE, 4G, 3G, E or GPRS is displayed in the status bar.

The LTE, 4G and 3G services of the GSM cellular network support simultaneous voice and data communication. With all other cellular connections, you cannot use any Internet services while you are on the phone. Parallel use is only possible if the iPhone also has a WLAN connection to the Internet. Depending on your network connection, you may not be able to receive calls while iPhone is transmitting data over the cellular network, such as loading a web page.

  • GSM networks: With an EDGE or GPRS connection, incoming calls may be routed directly to voicemail while data is being transferred. If you accept an incoming call, the data transfer is paused.

  • CDMA networks: With EV-DO connections, data transmission pauses when you answer incoming calls. With 1xRTT connections, incoming calls may be routed directly to voicemail during the data transfer. If you accept an incoming call, the data transfer is stopped.

Data transfer continues when you end the call.

When mobile data is turned off, only Wi-Fi is used for receiving and sending e-mail, surfing the Internet, push notifications, and other services. Charges may apply when mobile data is enabled. For example, using Siri or messaging may incur additional data transfer charges.

  • Turn cellular data on or off: Go to Settings> Cellular. You may also see the following options:

  • Activate and deactivate voice roaming (CDMA): Deactivate voice roaming to avoid costs if you use a third-party network. If the network of your provider is not available, the iPhone cannot use cellular services (data or voice services).

  • Enable or disable data roaming: If you are in an area without network coverage by your carrier, data roaming enables access to the Internet over another cellular network. When traveling, you should turn off the data roaming option to avoid roaming charges. See Phone Settings for more information.

  • Enabling or disabling 3G: In some cases, using 3G will charge internet data faster, but this can negatively affect battery performance. If you make frequent calls, we recommend that you turn off 3G to save battery life. This option is not available in all regions.

  • Choose whether to use cellular data for apps and services: Go to Settings> Cellular, and turn cellular data on or off for all apps that can use cellular data. If a setting is deactivated, the iPhone only uses WiFi for the service in question. ITunes preferences include both iTunes Match and automatic downloads from the iTunes Store and the App Store.