Why is a duck when it is turning

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    the drake goes crazy

    Hi everyone, I've been breeding ducks for a few years, this year I want to start with wart ducks and I also got a nice pair last year ...
    So far everything has been calm, but according to the forum that seems to be normal this year and is not (yet) the problem ...

    My problem is that the drake thinks he's the boss on the farm. He throws himself brutally on everything that is not of his kind ... chickens, cats, mallards and, more recently, on us humans ...
    Today I threw an empty plastic can at him for self-protection, which he then pounced on - and I was able to leave the yard unnoticed ...

    What do i do with him. An older neighbor said I should "dig him through" properly with the broom, that would help ... But I think that would make it even worse ...

    If it doesn't change at all, I'll probably have to slaughter him when the duck sits ... (although he's really beautiful) ...

    Do you have any suggestions? Didn't find anything here in the forum ...

    best regards

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    slaughter helps.

    flight / adult pups are occasionally cheeky, especially as they get older.

    some kick everything they can get and bite and scratch (VERY SHARP CLAWS).

    last year my alterpel made the pomeranian ganter himself.

    he has a shorter neck and wider wings, is up on the ganter and messed up the ganter with his claws, locked him off too, tried everything. once they are like that, they don't change.

    the stupid drake was even in the stall and tried to kick a brooding goose. then I saw red and so did the drake (got red collar).

    a saxony once kicked everything, from bantam to turkey. nothing helped, he also injured some animals with his weight.
    he didn't leave it either. crawled over the fence (a picture for the gods).
    then he had seen red too.
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