Can you solve this progressive matrix

Practicing IQ tests helps

Contrary to what many people say, practicing IQ tests really helps. If you are confronted with an IQ test during an assessment center and have already taken similar tests, you will do better in some areas.

Of course, your IQ is there to some degree, and practicing won't suddenly get you a much higher score. However, an IQ test is always a snapshot. The result also depends on the time it takes you to complete the tasks, e.g. B. How nervous you are. It is precisely these factors that you can improve by practicing IQ tests beforehand. You will know what to expect and you will not be so nervous about it. Also, you can get the tasks done a little faster because you recognize the question types.

rows of numbers

An example of a component that is often used in IQ tests is the number series. A series of numbers will appear and you will be instructed to fill in the missing number. By practicing series of numbers like this, you will understand the logic behind the series more quickly because many of these series are used very often and because you practice reading these series.

Progressive matrices

The same goes for rows of matrices that differ only slightly from each other and for which you need to enter the next matrix. If you practice these series, you will usually see the solution more quickly, because your brain already has an idea how to solve these tasks.

Practicing IQ tests

The Practicing IQ tests is something you should just do. Take a variety of tests and try to figure out which components are causing you problems. Practice these components more than the others and try not only to solve the problems, but also to find the real reasoning behind the solution. It's not about knowing many tasks and solutions by heart, but about understanding the questions so that you can answer similar questions more easily in the future.

In addition to IQ tests, you can also practice other components of an assessment center. For example, read more about personality tests.